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Second hand Cigarette

Smoke & how

it affects your Pets

Peppy Pets
May 13, 2004

Your Pet can get cancer from cigarette smoke

While we are not telling you not to smoke cigarettes,
we are asking you to consider how that second hand
smoke is affecting your dog, cat, birds or other pets.

After completing a study that was thoroughly
researched at Tufts University, they discovered that
cats who have been breathing smoke from their
pet owners for over 5 years have the chances of
getting feline lymphoma tripled. And, if both pet
parents smoke then that increases to four times
the risk.

It's well known that smoke from cigarettes has over
4,000 unwanted by-products many of which can be a cause
of cancer and lung problems. Remember also that
your pets have much smaller tolerances than we as
humans do because of their much smaller body weight,
so the smoke affects them more quickly than it would

There are some good solutions if a pet parent smokes.
One of which is go outside to enjoy your tobacco.
Another is provide your pet with a home air cleaning

So please consider getting one of the better air purifiers for your
house. A small investment in an air purifier can save you
hundreds of dollars in vet bills, and help your pet breathe
the fresh air at all times.

Tippy & Alfred recommend your taking a look at their
recommendation for air purifiers online here:

Grizzly feels much better with no cigarette smoke
Colleen Connell

My friends cat had kittens and my daughter, then 3, wanted
to adopt one, so we got first pick. She picked out the one
with the black nose and a few weeks later we brought him
home. He seemed fine at first but after a couple of weeks I
noticed he shivered. So off to the vets we went and after 6
visits and about $300.00 later was told that there was
nothing they could find wrong with him other than his white
blood cells were all old ones and he was not producing any
new ones.

So he would shiver and I would wrap him up in a blanket and
hold him time after time and after 15-20 minutes he would
stop shivering and jump down to go do his own thing. Of
course, after all the cuddling I got very attached and he
seemed special. (All animals are :)) Later on, I made the
decision of NO SMOKING in the house, and behold, my Grizzly
didn't shiver any more.

Now I know when someone has cheated and smoked cigarettes in
the house and have made it very clear that no one is to
smoke in this house anymore. Grizzly is very healthy now and
is loved more than any kitty could be. So let people know
that smoking is a danger to animals as well as children.
Thank you for your wonderful email. I love to get it and
can's wait to read it every week. Love,
Grizzly and Colleen


Thank you for replying! I will do some research on pet
toxins as you asked. Here is one site that I found in
"Yahoo! Internet Life" magazine: "Drs. Foster & Smith's source for expert
pet information"

This is a nice site with lots of information, including
lists of toxins for dogs, cats, birds, small animals,
reptiles, and ferrets; general information on the toxins;
symptoms; toxin dosages; and what to do if your pet is
poisoned... When I say lots of information, of course I mean
info on everything about owning a pet.

I'll let you know if and when I find anything else.

Kathy and Cleopatra

Hello! First I will say that I enjoy getting your
newsletter. But I have a request. Do you take requests? Or
maybe you already did this and I missed it because I haven't
been a subscriber for very long.

I am interested in knowing about things (substances) that
are dangerous to cats and/or dogs. Like Poinsettias
(spelling) being poisonous to cats, or chocolate and ice
cream being bad for dogs. I know that there are probably
others that I'm not aware of. Could you point me in the
right direction? Thank you!


Glad you are enjoying our newsletter and we want to thank
you for being such a caring pet owner and faithful reader.

We appreciate you.

I understand your concern for the above, and we are planning
on putting out the exact info you requested in a future
edition, or as a special report.

Right now I do not have a fully researched list to provide
you with and do not wish to send something that might be
erroneous, so you could also be a big help to myself and our
readers if you would do some research and if you find some
good online sites, let us know too.

I really can't say for sure when I'll have time to get it
done right now.

Thanks so much for helping, and keep those pets healthy!
Tippy, Alfred, & Dr. Dave

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