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Peppy Pets
May 14, 2003

Canned Pet Foods.....Should I or Shouldn't I?

Did you know that:
Most canned pet foods contain an average of 80% moisture.

For every single dollar you're spending
on canned pet foods, you're also spending an average of
80 cents for your pet....... to get a canned drink of water!

Those big pet food manufacturers are making a killing
selling your pet water!!!

Now, with 80% of the can going for water, that only leaves
20% for real nutrition doesn't it.

To find out more about whether you should or should not
be feeding canned pet on the below link

Canned Cat Food

Canned Dog Food


Cats will purr when feeling any intense emotion,
be it pleasure or pain.

Jennifer Hooper

We were shopping at a swap meet one weekend and as always
the kids had to go see the puppies. We are walking along and
come to a man with his granddaughter selling the cutest
puppies and a few large dogs. The kids stop to ohh and ahh.

I hear a tiny cry of a kitten but no way they have a kitten
with all these dogs, then I see him. he's so tiny. No way
he's over 4 weeks. I asked the little girl if she was
selling him she said for $5.00. I asked to hold him.

He couldn't have weighed 1l pounds he was so sick looking. I
told her I'd take him. I was going to bring him home and let
him die in peace. I made a vet appt the next day. $295 later
he had more medicine than I knew they made for cats.

2 years later Peaches and my 3 kids are best friends and
love to give kisses. We only wanted to make his last days
peaceful but we ended up giving him a lifetime home.

Sonny Bono: Mr. Hollywood

Sonny came into our lives through a friend. He had been
mistreated, had gone through five families before we got
him, he was three, he is now nine. We love him so much. He
is so spoiled, he is on the internet, on, he is
number three on the screensavers.

His vet calls him Mr. Hollywood. His name has always been
Sonny, but when we got him they spelled it Sunni... don't
think so!

We changed the spelling and added Bono. We wouldn't take
anything for him. God was watching out for Sonny when we
found him.

Judi Bucher

Samata Pandey

My cat name is Twine is very happy cat and loves eating. He
is a male and no he doesn't have a twin. His name is
pronounced like twin but is spelled Twine. He is white,
cuddly, fluffy, funny! HE! HE! HE! HE!

He is funny in ways that he can do the wheelbarrow which is
when you hold someone's legs and they have to walk with
their hands and you walk behind them carrying their feet. He
will walk a few feet an then he will do a backwards roll
which is very funny. He can also play the piano by walking
on the piano sometimes it sounds go and sometimes it sounds
I LOVE HIM A LOT!!!!!!!!!

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