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Pet Month

Peppy Pets
May 22, 2009

May is National Pet Month!

Did you know that according to the U.S. Census Bureau
that more pet owners have cats, or should we say.....
more cats have human owners, than dogs. They claim
there are 74 million dogs in the country and about
90 million cats!


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The Velvet Tulip
by Jo Solomito Haslam

Mom loves flowers. For as far back as I could remember, she
would anxiously await the first signs of spring-her garden

Mom took immense pride in everything that grew in her garden
especially one particular flower- a tulip. It grew very
tall and straight and was such a deep shade of purple that
it looked like it was velvet.

Unfortunately, flower gardens and little puppies do not mix.
Dusty was an extremely mischievous puppy. He was into
everything and usually left a trail of destruction behind.
He ate a box of crayons, shredded newspapers, slivered the
molding around a wooden gate, and gnawed at the base of the
kitchen cabinets. Mom accepted many of Dusty's
idiosyncrasies but there were times when her frustrations
with his behaviors caused her to scold him.

I remember the day that Mom became the most upset with
Dusty. Dusty barked for any reason- to go outside, to come
inside, when visitors came, when visitors left, when his
friend Ray the Mailman walked by, and when Grumman planes
tested their engines. On this one particular day there was
no barking. Mom became suspicious and decided to
investigate. She did not see Dusty anywhere and was afraid
he somehow had gotten out of the yard. She called his
name over and over again until finally he came running from
the farthest part of the yard. As he neared her, a look of
horror and then sadness came across Mom's face. The
beautiful, velvety tulip was dangling from Dusty's mouth.

Dusty stopped when he saw Mom and laid the flower at her
feet. Mom started to yell and cry at the same time.

From the distance the scene looked very poignant -- a furry
puppy looking up at its master with its head tilted and its
tail wagging. Only those who lived in the house surrounded
by the garden knew the true story of what really was


Natural Pet Foods Really do Make a Difference

By now you have probably read about the awful ingredients in
pet foods that don't come close to being actual food. What
our pets eat has a very definite influence on how they feel
and how healthy they are. Good food pays for itself because
your vet bills are much less and they eat less food also.
That means there's less poop to scoop. :-)

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My name is Peggy & all of my life my big love was the love
of dogs. A gift from my father. As for me no matter what
road life takes me on there will always be a dog walking
beside me.

In Dec. of 1994 at the age of 49, I was suddenly diagnosed
with Ovarian Cancer. Not knowing if I would make it through
the cancer, I made a decision. That indeed that this life
that still was mine. That no matter how long I had to live I
wanted to have a furry child to share it with & I wanted a
white Bull Terrier.

I got "Jack" March of 1995 he was born that Jan. 13th. And,
boy what a bundle of energy!! We did everything together from
puppy kinder garden, walks housebreaking, to catching treats (
Jack never missed catching those treats no matter how I
threw them) He was the master treat catcher!! And "Mr. King
Bull". Having Jack I completely forgot about me. From day
one it was all about Jack.. He made me laugh, Oh! How he
could make me laugh. He'd also had a way of making me get up
and get things done even when I didn't feel like it. He
indeed was a wonderful loving furry kid, a buddy my friend.
He even knew when I was sad, I don't know how, but he just
knew& would snuggle up beside me as if to say "I love you".
At night when I would go to bed there would be Jack right
beside me keeping a safe watch over me until the morning

I am here. I have overcome cancer. I know Jack was the
biggest part of my recovery. But sadly to my regret my
"Jack" passed away in his sleep above my head March 30th of
this year. Due to a enlarged heart. Now there is a big hole
in my heart. For I shall always love & miss my dog named
"Jack". One day we shall meet again & once again walk
together down another road in life. I love you furry child!
Thank you for being. Thank you for being in my life. Be
happy. Run free.
Love Peggy

Thank You for reading this issue of the Peppy Pets Daily,
Tippy & Alfred

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