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Rabbit Health Concerns & your Veterinarian

When you need to Choose a Veterinarian for your Rabbit

The time to choose a veterinarian for your rabbit is before
you own a rabbit, if possible. Not all veterinarians are
experienced with rabbits, so you don't want to be forced to
go with the first veterinarian who can take you because your
treasured rabbit is already sick.

If you don't know any other dedicated rabbit keepers in your
area, look for a rabbit special interest club such as the
House Rabbit Society, or try asking at the local pet shops.

Once you have a list of suggested veterinarians, or if you
get no referrals, the telephone yellow pages list of vets,
start calling or visiting them and interviewing them. But
don't simply ask them if they treat rabbits; rather ask them
where they would recommend that you take your rabbit for
health care.

Once you find a few veterinarians who say that they are
experienced with rabbits, make sure that they know rabbit
anatomy and health issues, proper rabbit nutrition and the
common diseases and the proper treatment for the common
diseases in rabbits. Ask them what percentage of their
patients is rabbits, and if it is near ten percent, be

Many medical conditions in pet rabbits can be prevented.
Check out the list of articles we have on our rabbit care
page to help you find out what you need to know.

Her are some of the more common medical conditions found
in pet rabbits.

Ear Mites, Fur mites, Coccidia, Parasites, teeth problems,
anorexia, diarrhea, wounds, hairballs, and Pasteurella.

Once you find a veterinarian you think you and your future
rabbit can work with, go ahead and get your pet. Take the
rabbit to the vet for a checkup immediately, and if the pet
rabbit is not spayed or neutered make arrangements to have
it done, for your rabbit's health and happiness as well as
your own.

It is important that you can trust and work with your pet
vet. Put in the time necessary to be sure you have made a
good choice, and then trust the vet to help you keep your
pet rabbit healthy and happy.

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