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Miniature Pinschers

Devoted, Spirited

& Fully Active

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Miniature Pinscher - the Toy Athlete
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Miniature Pinschers are generally courageous and proud
little dog. They are alert, loyal and spirited, high energy
and lively. In general they are good with children and other
pets, but make sure to provide proper socialization and
training to these little dogs so they do not develop small
dog syndrome. Miniature Pinscher dogs are devoted to their
owners and a "MinPin" with small dog syndrome may be overly
protective of its owner and aggressive to other people and

Miniature Pinschers were once used to control rodent
populations in barnyards and stables. The talents of
Miniature Pinschers include competitive obedience, agility,
and alert dog. Your Miniature Pinscher will need plenty of
play and intellectual challenge to keep it happy and

The male dogs can reach ten to twelve inches in height and
weigh between eight to ten pounds. The female dogs can reach
ten to eleven inches in height and weigh between eight and
nine pounds. These dogs have been known to live fifteen or
more years and are generally very healthy dogs. They seldom
have any reported problems with genetic diseases.

Because their leg bones are thin and they are small dogs,
they are, however, in danger of physical injury from being
stepped on by humans. Remember to watch out for your dog on
the floor, and don't let it jump or fall from a height.

The Miniature Pinscher is a dog with a short, smooth, hard
coat that is very easy to groom. Brush the dog with a brush
or comb designed for short-haired dogs. Give the dog a bath
only if necessary. Loose hair can easily be removed by
wiping the dog down with a warm damp cloth. This dog breed
is an average shedder and the hair is very short, so
shedding should not be a big problem.

The Miniature Pinscher does well in an apartment setting.
They are very active dogs indoors and will do even better
with at least a small yard to play around in. But put a
sweater on your dog when it goes outside in cool or cold
weather, because of its thin limbs and coat it is important
that you protect the Miniature Pinscher from the cold.

Like all dogs, Miniature Pinschers need to take a daily walk
with you to take care of their physical and canine
psychological needs. Playing indoors can take care of the
rest of their exercise needs. These dogs love to play so
taking them out to a safe secure area to play is a good

Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher Breed's Health Care and Feeding
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

No, the Miniature Pinscher isn't a shrunken Doberman!

This muscular small version of a Doberman has 
nutritional requirements much like those of the
Italian Greyhound.

It's muscular body and shiny coat requires a high 
protein, high fat diet.

The Ultimate in Dog Food and Treats
for your Miniature Pinscher here

Oat, wheat, or barley grass, spirulina, or algae
added to the food will satisfy his antioxidant

Substitute veggies for biscuits, and give him an 
occasional knuckle bone to keep him trim and his
teeth in good condition.

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