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The Mother of all Horse Shows: the National Horse Show
Frank Rom

Owners of competitive horses from all over the United States of
America look forward to compete against each other in the
championship finals of the National Horse Show. This national
event is organized by the National Horse Show Association of
America and takes place at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club
in Wellington, Florida.

The National Horse Show offers all kinds of competitions, so no
matter where the horses are from or in whatever specialty the
owner wishes to compete, there is always the possibility to put
a horse up and show off its best talents against the world's
finest and very best in horsemanship competition.

Thousands of people attend and appreciate this competition each
year. It is one of the goals of the organization: one the one
hand to get the general public not only more interested but
also better cultivated in the art of horsemanship. On the other
hand of course the goal is to contribute to the advancement of
excellence in the field of equestrian sports.

Olympia London International Horse Show

Next to the American based National Horse Show there is also
the Olympia London International Horse Show. This one takes
place in London, England (who would have guessed?) each year in
December. This too is a world famous horse show where only the
words finest and the elite of horses and owners can compete in
such events as show jumping or dressage. The level of skill
that is displayed here never ceases to amaze the visitors,
while they are admiring these fine horses competing each other.

The show jumping here contains different classes with melodious
sounding names like the DEI Jumping World Cup Qualifier, the
Accenture Christmas Puissance and the Olympia Grand Prix. And
one would never believe this in a country like England full of
the so called stiff upper lips, but there is even a show
jumping event where the riders need to do the show jumping
course, then leave the horses and jump into a car and do a
course delimited with cones. Not surprisingly this event is
called the Mitsubishi Ride and Drive competition.

Dressage is another of the competition possibilities: Olympia
first introduced these just in 2004, since then dressage has
become a permanent part of the horse show.

A specialty horse show back home is the Arabian Horse
Association of Arizona's Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.
This is the place to be for anyone wanting to known in the
world of the Arabian Horse. It is an event with a lot of
history: the first ever show took place in 1955 on the property
of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. The organizing association
(Arabian Horse Association of Arizona) was founded in the same
year. A win in one of their competitions brings loads of cash
to the owner; needless to say the competition is fierce.

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