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New Year's Eve

Pet Sitters


Finding a Good Pet Sitter for Your Pet on New Years Eve
By: Tippy & Alfred

There are many necessary qualifications for a good pet
sitter, so when you plan your New Years outing keep in mind
that a good pet sitter does more than just water and feed
your pet.

Pet sitters are people who spend quality time with your pet,
feeding, watering, walking and playing. A good pet sitter
would know if your pet needed veterinary attention. They
also can do common things around the house for you while you
are gone, like bring in the mail or watering the plants.

There are several reasons to hire a pet sitter for your pet
when you go out. One reason is that you can not always count
on your neighbors or friends to drop in and pour some water
and food in your pet's dog dish, even if you dare to ask
them and they agree. If you hire someone to be there for
your pet you can be sure that a qualified pet sitter will do
what is needed for your pet. Your friend or neighbor may
forget if they get busy.

Another reason is that your pet needs the attention provided
by a human to help to prevent bad behavior habits from
forming due to its fear, loneliness, or simple boredom, such
as inappropriate toilet activities, tearing up your shoes or
curtains or crying the entire time you are gone. This is
especially true of dogs, since they are puppy-like and also
consider you to be their pack or family. In the wild a young
dog isn't alone without the pack unless they have been
abandoned, so it is natural for your dog to be afraid when
you are not at home. But even cats and birds can develop bad
habits when left with limited stimulation.

A pet sitter provides your pet with valuable attention and
keeps your pet in the same environment and with the same
routine that they are used to, providing emotional security
to your pet (and probably to you as well). That is
especially important on New Years Eve, when the neighborhood
may be resounding with strange, loud, frightening noises.
Your pet will need reassurance at that time.

A good pet sitter who is a professional will have insurance
to cover any possible damage, and will be bonded. They will
have references. They will have special training. They will
ask you what your pet's routine is and write it down to
follow so that your pet's routine is not broken. They will
have backup should they be unable to fulfill their
obligation to you. They will not leave until you get home
even if you are late. They will do extra things about the
house at your request and maybe some additional funds. They
will have experience grooming, playing, walking and training
pets. They will be associated with a local veterinarian that
can provide emergency assistance. And they will have a
contract written out between the two of you stating specific
services and fees.

Pet Sitters also provide the convenience of not having to
pack up your pet and its stuff and leave it in a fairly
unfamiliar place every time you go somewhere, which is hard
on you and your pet. To find a good pet sitter check with
your local humane society, ask your neighbors and friends,
ask your veterinarian or try the phone book.

Pet sitters are a better alternative to a kennel, where a
pet will likely be locked in a cage and not given much one
on one attention. These are professionals that do their best
for you and your pet and provide a valuable service. This
will make your pet happier for being in its own territory
and having someone that is there to care for it.

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