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Celebrating New Year's

with Your Pet


The New Year's Celebration and Your Pet
By: Tippy & Alfred

New Years is not a holiday that you would normally associate
with pets. But because your pets are a part of your life and
you consider them family, you want to do everything you can
with them. Here are some ways to celebrate New Years Eve and
Day with your pet.

One way to include your pet in the New Year's Day traditions
is to make a New Year's resolution about your pet. You can
make a resolution to lose weight and include your pet in
your diet program. Many pets are overweight in America and
getting you pet down to a healthy weight can only help your
pet live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Another New Year's resolution that you can include your pet
in is to get more exercise. Walking your dog or ferret,
playing with your cat or taking your small gerbil out to
play with can all be counted as exercise and helps deepen
the bond between you and your pet.

Even your resolution to quit smoking can involve your pet,
you can instead take your pet out for a walk or do something
with your pet. So every time you think of wanting a
cigarette you can go play with your pet instead.

You could take your pet to one of the parades that are
usually held for New Year's Day. Some pets even participate
in New Year's parades, for example the Rose Bowl usually has
horses in it.

The New Year's Celebration doesn't just mean going out and
partying on New Year's Eve. It is the beginning of the new
year and there is a superstition that what you do at
midnight will be what you do the most during the year. Why
not have it be playing and spending time with your precious

You can do a lot with your pet on New Year's Eve and Day.
But whatever you decide you should spend time with your pet
every day. Make that your New Year's resolution and you will
have a happy pet and a wonderful relationship with your pet.

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