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Want to go Fox

Hunting? Then take a

Norfolk Terrier with you.

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Norfolk Terrier - The Fox Hunter
By: The Editors at Pet Care Tips

The Norfolk Terrier is an active, affectionate, courageous
dog that is one of the smallest of the working terriers.
This terrier breed is unique in that it has a balanced
personality and isn't nervous, overactive or quarrelsome,
which is rare for a terrier. Norfolk Terriers do need
consistent rules and correction but they are easy to train.

These little dogs are wonderful with children. They also get
along great with other dogs. However because they were used
as ratters they shouldn't be trusted around animals or pets
smaller than a cat. These dogs love to play and will chase
after balls, bones, sticks and toys that you throw for them
for long periods.

The Norfolk Terrier was once used mainly both as a barnyard
ratter and to chase foxes that had gone to ground when being
hunted and make them run back out to be chased. So your
Norfolk Terrier will probably also love to dig and to play
Hide and Seek with you.

The Norfolk Terrier is the smallest of all the terrier
breeds. It stands only about ten inches tall and weighs
between ten and twelve pounds. But the breed is very hardy
and long-lived; they live between twelve and fifteen years.

With sufficient exercise the breed does fine in an apartment
setting. They are fairly active indoors and love to play and
to go everywhere with their owner. These dogs are bred to
work; they are extremely energetic and thrive with an active

Be sure to take your Norfolk on a daily "pack walk" to
satisfy its physical and psychological needs. While out on a
walk they should be made to use proper leash etiquette. They
can jog with you for short distances despite their small

The Norfolk Terrier has a medium-length, shaggy, waterproof
coat that needs daily brushing and combing, though it is
relatively easy to care for. When the dog is shedding extra
care should be taken to often brush out the loose hairs.
Bathe or dry shampoo only when it is necessary. This breed
is a light shedder.

Norfolk Terrier

Here's how the Norfolk Terrier Breed is as Healthy as Can Be
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Norfolk Terrier is a small little dog that
is very similar to the Norwich; both are 
known for their muscular thighs, compact body,
and protective, hard, wiry coat.

If feeding a supermarket food, which generally has 
a high quantity of cereal, then vegetable enzymes are a must.

See my endorsement for a High Quality Professional
Dog Food for your Norfolk Terrier

If you are feeding portion controlled free
choice, your Norfolk Terrier should save his energy
until you want to play.

Savory Treats for Norfolk Terrier Dogs

Norfolk Terriers are prone to Canine Hip Dysplasia
and thus require an excellent diet along with supplements
that will help prevent this dreaded disease.

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