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Protecting our

pets from influenza

and the Dog Flu


Peppy Pets
Nov. 16, 09

Influenza Is Now Sickening Pets Too. How Can We Protect Them?

What next? Now pet owners are finding out that their
dogs and cats are contracting the H1N1 virus from
their pet parents.

Iowa State did a study on the subject and found that
dogs are at a higher risk than cats. The good
news is that cats do seem to be able to get over it

Symptoms of influenza in dogs are varied, often they
will have symptoms like those of kennel cough
or pneumonia. Be concerned! Because the dog flu can
be fatal to some dogs.

The best option for most dog owners is to make
an appointment with your vet and talk with them
about the possibility of your dog getting the dog
flu and probably have them vaccinated, especially
if the dog is already being treated for kennel cough.

The good news is that even though your dog may be
exposed to the infection (which could come from
other dogs), not all dogs will exhibit symptoms,
however a large percentage will and about 5% will

Dog flu is not supposed to be transmissible to humans,
however if your dog does have influenza or the dog flu,
then we suggest keeping young children and babies
away from the dog. We also suggest all persons who
are in contact with the dog washing their hands
after every exposure with a good anti-bacterial
soap. Another good idea is to talk with your vet.

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My dog had to nurse an abandoned kitten

I know from the moment they came into my life they were
angels. I got my first baby (a cat name Jerry) a month
before I became ill with an illness that kept me in bed for
almost three months. That little guy kept me so entertained
and when it came his time, I couldn't stand him being at the
Doctor's office so I had arrangements that a kind lady
helped me with to be at home. He would not let go until I
gave him permission, because I was grieving so badly, and I
think he knew I wasn't ready. When I told him he could go I
did not want him to suffer, he just looked and me with these
knowing eyes and placed his paws together, as if in prayer,
and he let go. 

I was unfortunate to lose three in 8 months. I just couldn't
believe why God could let that happen. But through it, I
became best friends with the Veterinarian who so graciously
came to my home, and each time I lost one, there was
another who needed a home. In fact my dog raised a kitten
that had been left with my best friend, and needed to be fed
it's milk - etc., and now he thinks he is a dog. We call him
a "puppy cat" . 

I now have a brain mass and multiple health problems from my
previous liver illness, and I have not taken on another baby
- which I am sure you can figure out by now that they are
that to me, even though I help a girl in my neighborhood
feed and trap the strays to be sterilized so there are not
so many out there without a home. This spring we had two
give births to litters of three each and one of which
couldn't get his little eyes open and I had to help him. Now
he knows me by the sound of my voice and I am so tempted. I
do work with a "pet loss support group" and I had often
heard of people feeling their deceased companion brushing up
against their leg and I had never had that and felt jealous.

Here lately I have been getting that feeling. It is almost
like my first baby Jerry telling me to take this little one.
If anyone in Tulsa, Oklahoma or the surrounding area has
lost a companion there is an organization here that can lend
an open ear. To get back to the subject, yes they are
Angels. Most people miss the miracles in this world looking
at circumstance. See the Angels.


Yes, I do believe that pets do become angels and that they
watch over us. I do know that they are in heaven. When I was
21 years old my heart stopped and I was gone for awhile and
I know there are pets in heaven walking with the people that
loved them when they were of this earth as we call it. They
are sent back to be someone's guarding angel.

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Tippy and Alfred are hoping they get some really neat gifts for Christmas
this year. They've made their lists out and checked them twice and
are ready to send them to the North Pole. Alfred is great friends with
Santa's cat, Lady Whiskers, they text back and forth all the time,
so Alfred is pretty sure he will get everything he wants for Christmas.
After they filled in their lists for Santa, they made this web page.

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