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Peppy Pets: Featuring Poems about Cats
Oct. 01, 03

There Once was a Woman who had 17 Cats
by Laura Greenall

I'm the old cat woman that lives down the road
Many a tale about me has been told.
But this poem is not about that,
It's about my 17 cats.

Tigger though old is sly as a fox
But she never uses her litter box.
With coal black fur and feet of snow
I'd hate to see my Maxie go.

Sojo's a quiet regal fellow
His fur is soft, his purr mellow.
Sox is my husband's pet
She jumps in his arms and there she sets.

Face is a prima dona
She cries out like Madonna.
Runt though a mom and all
Is still the smallest of the small.

He's real cute and all that jazz
But Odin is the cat of Spazz.
Warrior is the curious one
Checking things out is his fun.

Peepers always looks around
He's a funny little clown.
Precious always runs away
She's quite shy that way.

Spartacus is aptly named
Being nasty is her game.
Her name is Mighty Aphrodite
Her nature is being flighty.

Black with a white Spot on her tummy
She can be sweet and real chummy.
Thor is real sleek and gray
The highest jumper when at play.

Pugsly with her funny face
Sure will find a home some place.
Dritz with her funny fur
Is the one I worry for.

The last one is the best of all
He came to me late one fall.
Ten years together through hell and back
The black one we call Lasher Cat.

I'm sorry to say that we fell into financial difficulties and
could no longer afford to feed all those cats. I have two
remaining, having found homes for the others. Tigger is twenty
years old and Lasher ten so I kept them. The others were
still kittens and were easily adoptable. We were saddened to
see them go but feel they are better off with families that
can afford to keep them and love them.

Alfred hopes you enjoyed the above cat poem....:-)

And, there's another cat poem sent in by one of our
subscribers we've published below.

But despite his napping for 22 hours a day, Alfie has been
one busy feline this week. He and along with the other kitties
have managed to put up a bunch of new Web pages on
cat care.

Topics range from: naming your new kitten, to all about kitten
care, feral cats, taking care of orphaned cats, introducing new
cats into the home, cat scratching, wool sucking, training cats,
weaning kittens, cat spraying, and on and on.

We hope you'll find all these new cat care pages to be useful,
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See them all here:

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Also, please send us your ideas on other informational pages
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this is your site and we want to provide you with the best
information we can.

Here's a picture of one of our feline readers who totally
purrs every time another issue of Peppy Pets comes to his inbox.

His Royal Highness Possum Cat

Hi! I'll tell you about 'neubie in a cat poem I've written,
instead of a story. hope this is ok.

'Neubie is a funny one,
small & black & fluffy,
& still a baby.
But can you believe it--
he fetches mice-- really!

"Go get the mousie!" I say and
ZOOM!! Off like a little black rocket!
"Bring me the mousie!" I say and
prancing back he comes, with the prize in his mouth.
To plop it in my lap!

What was this little cat
in a former life?
maybe an athlete, basketball, or football, or
maybe he's just a little black cat
who fetches!

That's 'Neubie, my little dog-cat! actually, he's MUCH
better at it than ANY dog I've known-- he brings it right
back, & drops it at my feet or in my lap, so there's no
tugging & pulling; and best of all, NO SLOBBER!!!

Melissa Hatfield
p.s. can you let me know if you publish this on your website.


Pet Name: Lawrence
Charlene Donohue

Lawrence is an orange tabby cat. He's 6 years old and is
the master of our house. He loves the outdoors and boy does
he ever love boxes. If there's a box around he'll find a way
to get in it and sleep. He loves to sleep in the bathroom
sink also.

When he wants a drink of water he'll jump up on the sink and
wait for someone to turn the faucet on. When he wants a
kiss he will head butt me until a give him one. Sometimes he
wants more than one kiss. LOL

I've had Lawrence for 4 years and he has brought me such
joy. Lawrence is a very loving cat but he also lets you know
when he doesn't want to be bothered.

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