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Peppy Pets
Oct. 06, 2004

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I'd rather get rid of my husband than my dog Bob
Rochelle Ladd

I found Bob as I was going to the store, a little boy was
giving them away from a box at the door. I looked into the
box and seen this very pitiful little dog he had hair
missing on his tail and his ears were all swollen from
fleas, but when I picked he up and looked into his eyes they
were like no other eyes I'd had seen on an animal before they
looked like people eyes. They had this difference in color
like human eyes. I just new there was someone I knew in
there, so I took him home.

It's been 12 years since that day. He has seen me through
open heart surgery, divorce, and the empty nest depression of
raising 3 children alone. His name started off as bobber,
because he bobbed up and down like a fishing bobber, but
over the years it was shortened to Bob. He even learned how
to spell it so now I sometimes call him "you know who". The
funniest thing about him is that he won't fetch a stick and
he hates a bath, but if you throw that same stick in the
lake and call it a fish, he's after it.

I write this because he is more human that dog, more friend
then pet. He is my "Best Friend". I use to kid with my
husband that I would get rid of him before the dog.


George the 7 foot Boa Constrictor comes up missing
Deb Mielke

I would like to tell you a story about George. George is a
7 foot boa constrictor.

I have owned George for 4 years. He has always been kind of
antsy and never likes to sit still. One time he got loose
and got stuck behind the refrigerator.

This past summer I took George and his girlfriend
Georgette, (also a 7 foot boa constrictor), outside for some
sunshine. I turned my back and voila, George was gone.

I looked and looked for a long time and never found him. My
friend was driving home at 9 pm and saw this long skinny
snake slithering down the road. She brought him to my house
and surprised me by telling me that she had found him. She
is very afraid of snakes. George had been missing for 3
months. Luckily he was found before winter set in.

I do believe our beloved pets come back and are our guardian
angels in one way or another. I had a cat who I had to put
to sleep years ago. And I have found when I was not happy or
very upset, I would go to my room and cry. When my cat,
Tinkerbell was alive, he would come up and kiss my tears
away and cuddle up with me. Now that he is gone, he still
lets me know he is still there making sure I am not alone on
a bad day. To me, that is my guardian angel from above. 

Tracy Rawls


I too believe in animal guardian angels. I lost my sweet
Mia when she was seventeen years old. I swear that I felt
her presence on the coach the night after she transitioned.
It would make sense that she would want to return home to
her mom. God bless you.
Virginia Requa 

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