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Peppy Pets
Oct. 10, 03

Boo-Boo.... my Toy Poodle is a Little Gift From God

I have a Toy Poodle, named Boo-Boo. He has always been
such a source of joy and entertainment to me. I even got to
teach him to bury a bone! (as a pup he had been very neglected )

We got each other on Oct.28th, 9 years ago, when he was
only 9 months ago. Since then we have been through so much

A few years ago now, I had to have an operation, I almost
died on the table, then I was in I.C.U. for a week, where I
almost died again. But when I finally got home Boo-Boo
was so very excited to see me, I did not even get in the door
of my apartment, before he was all over me loving and
kissing on me.

My Dr. wanted me to move to a place where people could
help me while I recuperated, but, I told the nurses that I
wasn't going anywhere without Boo-Boo. They agreed.

Over the next 2 years, we were in some tough living situations,
my " Baby Boo "was always  there to lick my face as I cried,
to make me laugh when I was sad, to make me go outside
to meet nice people, and to just appreciate the world around me.

I really believe that God sends us pets to care for, so that,
in HIS name, they can take care of us. I know that for me,
many days, Boo-Boo is what keeps me going.

Sent in by:
Deborah B. Smith

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Yes, I really do believe when our pets leave us they go to
heaven and are Angels. Our loving dog Smokey who we got many
years ago when we first got together, after living many
years with us, he passed away, he was a medium sized
Pit Bull mix, he is buried in our backyard.

A little while after he passed on, my friend from a previous
job said she had a puppy for me, She was the cutest puppy,
she was like a Christmas Present, because that year we
didn't have much money. She is a Queensland Blue Heeler mix, I
really believe that she is Smokey and that he has came back
to us as a Female. The characteristics are so much the same.
I named her misty, because the last female dog I had was
when I was a youngster, and her name was Mitsy, when she
passed away I was so sad, she is supposed to be buried in a
pet Cemetery in Napa. Misty is already 2 years old, almost
Cheryl Smith


Too Many Names to Name Them All
I do not have a favorite pet, but love them all equally. I
have 6 Parakeets, 4 Finches and two cats. My birds names are
Nugget, Diamond, Precious, Bright Eye, Melody, Rhymn, Mr. &
Mrs. Hatchet, and I haven't named the two new ones yet.

The mother Parakeet wakes me in the morning with her gentle
song as she sings to her two new babies, as the two older
sisters, and the father sit around her. And the Finches,
they have their soft delicate song, that soothes the air.

My cats, they give me unconditional love. I have been
working with them since they were kittens and I think
they've forgotten that they are cats because when someone
calls "kitty", they just look at them, like. 'What's that?
What's a kitty?"

Smokey is my big gray cat, and he loves water. If he hears
you running the faucet, he will come running. When you ask
him what he wants he will say "wa-a-er". My friends were
truly amazed the first time they heard him say the word.

Then there's my black cat, Midnight. She, also, talks and
says "out" when she wants to go out. In the morning, she
lets me know she's ready to eat by walking over to their
bowl says "mom". If I do not respond immediately, she loudly
says "mama".
Sharon LaGue

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