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Oranda, or Red Cap Oranda Goldfish - an Astonishing Fish

An Oranda Goldfish is a type of goldfish characterized by a fleshy
outgrowth on the top of its head and sides of its face, called a
wen. They usually have a dorsal fin, paired anal fins, can
grow up to 12 inches (30 cm) or more in length.

Orandas can survive in temperatures ranging from 65-78 F, in
water with a pH of around 7 to 8, and are best fed a collection
of fresh foods or hand made food due to the frequency of
Flip-Over cases seen in these fish.

Due to the design of the wen, and the fact that it appears to
grow in stages or bursts during the spring and fall season, they
can be prone to bacterial infections and goldfish "pimples" on
the wen. Most of the time they do not require any treatment, but
if the lesion turns red or angry looking, steps should be taken
to avoid infections.

Picture Oranda Goldfish

Also, sometime the wen can overgrow the eyes of the fish, causing
it to have limited or no vision. These fish should not be
destroyed as they can still function without their eyesight. The
wen can be trimmed, but most of the time it simply regrows.

A common fancy version of this fish is called the Red Cap Oranda.
It is characterized by a solid white body with a "red" (orange is
often called red for goldfish and koi) wen. Due the genetics of
the coloring, it is often the case that Red Caps will lose their
redness as they age, becoming solid white fish. More recently
Blue Scaled Orandas have been developed, but they are quite rare.

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