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Papillon - The Butterfly Dog
Tippy & Alfred

The Papillon is called the Butterfly dog because the large,
feathered ears stand out from the head like butterfly wings.
The Papillon is an affectionate, amusing, animated,
charming, friendly, gentle, intelligent, lively, patient,
playful and proud little dog.

Papillons love to play and exercise outdoors. They also love
to cuddle. Because they are little dogs some can be
difficult to housebreak. But in general they are easy to
train in all other areas.

When well socialized this dog will do fine with cats and
Papillons are very trustworthy with children. These dogs are
not yappers; they are obedient and steady dogs. When given
enough exercise they are normally calm. Some of the
Papillon's talents include agility, competitive obedience,
performing tricks and watchdog.

The male dog can reach eight to eleven inches in height and
weigh between eight and ten pounds. The female dog can reach
eight to eleven inches and weigh between seven to nine
pounds. The Papillon has a life expectancy of as long as
sixteen years.

This dog breed is susceptible to problems with the kneecaps
of the hind legs. The condition can be corrected with
surgery. They can also have problems with the fontanel or
'soft spot' on the top of the skull not closing all the way.
This can correct itself with age but if it doesn't the dog's
head will have to be protected. Some dogs within this breed
may have difficulty going under anesthesia.

These dogs may not make good apartment dogs. This is because
they have strong protective instincts and some may bark
excessively at unknown noises. They can't same to make the
distinction between a harmless noise and an actual threat.
They do fine in a city setting, however.

The Papillon needs to take a daily walk to take care of its
canine physical and psychological needs. Otherwise playing
with this dog will take care of any other exercise needs.
They enjoy being outdoors, so playing and exercising in a
safe enclosed area would be good for them.

The Papillon has a long, silky, single coat that is usually
clean and odorless but needs to be brushed and combed daily.
Bathe or dry shampoo only when necessary. Be sure to keep
the teeth brushed and the nails clipped. These dogs coats do
not mat or tangle. The Papillon is an average shedder.


How your Papillon can be a Healthier and Happier Little Doggie
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

A very small spaniel like dog, the Papillon is a
fur ball that requires the same nutrition as the Japanese Chin.

Alternative professional food with an enzyme
supplement is a must.

Check out this link for an Exceptional
Doggie Food for your Papillon

The enzyme is added for more thorough food digestion
and to help digest the hair that gets swallowed
when he decides to groom himself.

Antioxidants are needed to protect against degenerative
eye disease and for overall health.

Exercise and love are two keys to keeping this dog

See my endorsement for a Quality Antioxidant
Treat with a Succulent Taste any Papillon will Enjoy

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