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- Pekinese - the

Epitome of Royalty

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Pekingese - The Legendary Foo Dog
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Pekingese is an affectionate, brave, independent,
sensitive dog. They make wonderful companions. This dog
breed also makes a good watchdog. The Pekingese, because
they are a small dog breed may be difficult, to housebreak

The average Pekingese breed stands at a height of just six to nine
inches and weighs between eight and ten pounds for both
males and females. A Pekingese that weighs six pounds or
under is known as a "Sleeve Pekingese". This size is very
popular and was developed in China. A Pekingese that is in
between six to eight pounds is considered to be a "Mini
Pekingese". They live ten to fifteen years.

The Pekingese often has very difficult births. Many "Pekes"
also tend to catch colds easily. They are susceptible to
dislocated kneecaps, herniated disks and Trichaiasis, where
the eye lashes grow inward toward the eyeballs. They may
also have breathing and heart problems. Be sure not of
overfeed your Pekingese as they will get overweight quickly.

The Pekingese are great for apartment living. They are
fairly inactive indoors and do fine with a yard to play in.
This dog needs to be taken on a daily walk to take care of
its physical and psychological needs. Be sure to use proper
leash etiquette with this dog. Playing with your dog
regularly will take care of all other exercise needs aside
from its daily walk.

The Pekingese enjoys playing outside in a safe enclosed
area. This breed is strong-minded and prone to Small Dog
Syndrome and can display a whole bunch of bad behaviors if
not properly treated.

Daily brushing and combing of the very long double coat is
needed. Extra care should be taken around the hindquarters
because this area has more of a tendency to become solid and
matted. When the female is in season she will shed her
undercoat. Otherwise the breed sheds averagely.

Dry shampoo your Pekingese regularly. Be sure to wipe with a
damp cloth the eyes and face. Check the coat for burrs and
other objects that can irritate the dog.

Pekinese Dog

Find out the Best Way to Feed a Pekinese for the Longest, Possible Life
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The epitome of royalty, the Pekinese is a big eyed breed
that has won the hearts of millions and can shed enough 
to cover them all in excess fur!

An alternative professional dog food with a vegetable
enzyme added is a must for good skin and coat health.

See my recommendation for the Ultimate Carte du jour
for your Pekinese here

Healthy eyes require daily cleaning and antioxidants
included in the diet.

Ester C and bee pollen should be given to allergic dogs.

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