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House rabbits are a perfect pet for many people, regardless of
whether they live on a farm or in an apartment. House rabbits are
small, easy to take care of, and don't require any expensive
supplies like some other pets do. They are cute, friendly, and
playful. They are also safe enough that you can have a child play
with a rabbit unsupervised, something that would probably not be
safe to do with a dog. Also, rabbits love to play with children.

Having more than one rabbit will just add to the fun. However, if
you do have more than one rabbit, make sure they are the same
gender. (unless you want a lot of little rabbits running around)

Also, while rabbits sometimes get along well with other
pets, it is generally best to not mix rabbits with cats or dogs.

Caring for your House Rabbits.

Care for house rabbits is critical for the well being of your
rabbit and for your enjoyment of your rabbit. You will not be
able to enjoy your rabbit as nearly as much if your rabbit is
constantly ill. Also, your rabbit will not be very happy if it
spends most of its time feeling miserable. Unfortunately, rabbits
are very vulnerable to disease.

The best way to protect your rabbit from disease is to make
sure that your rabbit and its cage are always clean.

Regularly clean your rabbit's cage with a disinfectant, and also
give your rabbit an occasional bath.

If you have a new rabbit, quarantine it from the rest of the rabbits
for at least two weeks. If at the end of the two weeks the new
rabbit looks fine, it is probably safe to put it in with the
other rabbits. If you have questions about rabbit care, ask your

Mike Yeager

NOTE: The above information is the opinion of the author
and not necessarily PetCareTips. The author makes some
generalizations in the above statements. We do not recommend
allowing small children to be alone with rabbits, and while taking
care of a pet rabbit is easy compared to some other pets, it does
require informed knowledge

Keeping Pet Rabbits around young Children

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