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Please tell me, what Insects are kept as Pets?

Most insects only live for one year at most, you can observe
their life cycles and their behavior, but not all insects
make good pets. For example anything that bites or stings
does not usually make a good pet. Here is a list of good
insects to keep as pets:

- Ants
- Beetles (most varieties)
- Caterpillars
- Crickets
- Roaches
- Grasshoppers
- Lightning Bugs
- Praying Mantids
- Walking Sticks
- Worms

Keep in mind when you bring home an insect for a pet that
you will need the correct kind of cage to keep it in, and
the right temperature, food, water, and surroundings that
make it feel like this is home.

Some good containers to keep your insect in are plastic
terrariums made for insects and amphibians or a simple wood
framed box with screen or netting so that the box gets good
air circulation. Keep in mind though that if your bug does
decide to lay eggs, the babies may be able to make their way
through whatever air holes are there. But don't keep your
bug in a glass jar or closed off containers. The closed
container could cause condensation from the air inside and
breed mold that is bad for the insect, and if the container
is tightly sealed, your insect may suffocate.

Water and humidity must also be provided for your bug to
survive. A small jar lid makes a good container for water,
so that the bug can travel across it and take a drink at its
leisure. If your bug is a "leaf-eater," be sure to provide a
lot of different variations of food for it, such as fresh
leaves of vegetables, plants, grasses, and petals from
flowers. You can research online or at the library to
discover what plant materials your insect would eat in the
wild. Foliage from the place it used to live would be great.
If your insect is the kind that eats other insects, you will
have to actively search and catch food for it or buy its
food. For instance, you can buy meal worms, crickets, and
probably earthworms from your local pet store.

You must be sure to keep your insect's container clean and
well stocked with food and water. Mold and bacteria kill
bugs, so you will have to keep an eye on your pet to make
sure that the container is clean and no mold is growing.
Every other day is a good time period to check on your
insect and make sure that its pen is clean and comfortable
for it.

To breed your pet insect you will have to provide a
comfortable place for them to facilitate breeding based on
the type of insect that you choose for a pet. But, most
people choose to keep an insect for only one year or one
season, for observation purposes and science experiments.
This is especially neat for kids that have a science class
or other type project, to teach them about life cycles and
bug behavior.

Insects are very interesting and some seem very smart and do
amazing things. You can even train some of them to do
"tricks" and to eat from your hand. Research your insect and
give it what it needs and you can have a fun and funny pet
that doesn't take up much room or cost much to feed.

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