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There are many ways to keep a pet pig entertained. Despite what some
people might believe about pigs being slothful and lazy, in fact
a happy pig that is not depressed is very energetic and loves to
play. There are actually many dog toys that you can get that
would entertain a piggy.

For instance, there is a "peanut butter ball" that is rubber. You
stick peanut butter into the center and then let your pig roll it
around as it licks peanut butter out of it. Any rope toys
designed for dogs are also good for a pig. Big basketballs or
anything large enough for your pig to roll around with its snout
will probably be enjoyed. There are sticks of seeds and alfalfa
you can buy and give to your pig for some entertaining snacking.
You can even throw around an apple and the pig will love it, just
don't expect to get the apple back in the end.

Keeping a pig entertained does wonders for it. It gets the pig to
exercise and promotes a good healthy mood. It is a special time
for you and your pig to spend time together and play. There are
many ways to keep your pig entertained and busy. Just keep in
mind that this does not mean that you can leave it to its own
devices for long periods. Your pig needs your love and attention
just like any other pet.

Also NEVER EVER give your pig chew toys made from pork or pork
skin! Do not give it toys that can be easily chewed apart or may
be easily swallowed. Do not give it toys that are made from
foreign substances like plastics or rubber that can be chewed
apart. If your pig manages to chew some rubber or plastic it can
stick in its intestines and cause an impaction which can be

Play time with your pig can be a wonderful bonding time and get
your pig some valuable exercise and companionship. Pigs need to
have their play toys and play time. Pay attention to your pig and
you will be rewarded with a long-lived, happy, healthy piggy friend.

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