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Is your Piggie Fat?

Here's some tips

for Losing Weight

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Pigs are fat. Fat pigs are healthy and normal. Obesity in pigs,
however, is a problem, one that can blind or deafen your pig,
possibly even permanently. But putting your pig on a diet can
have just as many health risks as its being over weight. Besides
that, putting your pig on a diet is not even an effective way for
it to lose weight.

If you take your piggy to your veterinarian and your veterinarian
says that your pig is overweight, that is the only condition
under which you should work toward making your pig lose weight.
Of course there may be signs that are obvious to you to prove
your pig is overweight but do not do anything until your
veterinarian confirms your suspicions.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, putting the pig on a diet is
exactly the opposite of what you should do. Reducing your pig's
daily menu down to one meal will not only make your pig very
unhappy but it also reduces vital input of vitamins, minerals and
protein that your pig needs. This effectively cuts off your pig's
immune functions and can cause your pig to get sick as well as
making it very unhappily suffer hunger pangs all day long.

A pig's metabolism works in such a way as to provide healthy
input and output of vital materials to all areas of the body and
supports all the major functions of the body. When a body is
being starved, or in other words the calories that are taken in
during the day dramatically decrease, then the body will start
adjusting its calorie intake and caloric usage and will start
making fat to store up against hard times. It will at the same
time stop repairing cells and damaged areas in the body.

Much like in humans, starving is not a very effective diet for
pigs. In fact it has been shown that starving can make people
fatter and then make them sick. It is the same in pigs. Pigs need
the calorie intake and there are specific ways that you can keep
the input of calories the same while taking out the foods that
tend to become fat and make the pig overweight.

In short, cutting down on your pig's normal quantity of food will
open the door to bad health and disease, because the pig's
metabolism will go into survival mode and the remaining calories
and nutrients that are being put into your pig's body will be
stored rather than fueling the fight against the infections and

So be aware of your pig's health and needs. Get proper
vaccinations and keep them up to date and feed your pig a healthy
and varied diet of commercial hog feed, vegetables, fruits and
any grazing possible.

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