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Where to find the Pet Pig for you - Pig Breeders

The breeder of your pet pig may be right at a farm near you, or,
if you are looking for a particular breed of pig you may need to
do some searching. If you are looking for a Pot-Bellied Pig or
another breed that is not common in your area then, depending on
where in the world you live, you may have to look far afield.
There are some things you should consider before buying any pet
pig and here is a checklist for you.

1. The first and possibly most important question: Do you have
room for a pig? Pigs need considerable space for exercise and
environmental enrichment, otherwise they will become depressed.
And since pigs are herd animals, you may find later that you need
to add another pig to keep your pet happy and entertained while
you are at work. If you live in an apartment building or a small
home with no yard then keeping a pet pig is not recommended. Pigs
become extremely territorial in close confines and you might find
that your guests won't get a warm welcome from your pet.

2. Do you have the proper facilities for a keeping a pet pig?
Good sturdy hog pen fencing with a roomy area for exercise and
play, a roofed and protected enclosure with hay for bedding, an
area for grazing and good watering tins or pools that are kept
full and clean are the bare necessities. Don't forget that you
will also need a storage space that is safe from rodents and
insects (and your pigs,) for the good hay and grain you will feed
your pig, as well and a place to prepare its daily vegetables.

3. Do you have the time to care properly for a pet pig? If you
work a forty hour work week and don't enjoy coming home and
taking care of someone or something, then having a pig as a pet
is not for you. Pigs are social animals and need to have daily
attention from their owners. Pigs, like all other pack animals,
require social interaction and play to maintain their emotional
balance. Lack of attention can lead to behavior problems, and
even illness and death.

4. Do you have the funds to take care of a pig? Pigs need leafy
greens, good quality commercial hog feed, fresh grass hay and
regular vet checkups for vaccinations. Your pigs will also have
to be neutered or spayed if you don't plan on breeding them. This
makes a dramatic difference in the quality and length of a pig's
life, it is no small matter. If the pig is a male you will also
need to see the vet every couple of years, aside from regular
vaccinations, to have its tusks filed down.

A pet pig is a big job and a big responsibility, maybe even more
so than a dog. But the rewards are immeasurable, as pigs are
smarter than dogs and some pig people say that they can even have
a deeper relationship with their owners than dogs usually do.

To find out where you can find a pot-bellied pig breeder your
best source is your local breed club, or if you don't have a pig
breed club locally, try the Internet. If you are going to buy a
pot-bellied pig, be sure that it has all of its papers and a
veterinarian checkup before buying it.

Much like certain breeds of dogs, pot-bellied pigs have begun to
be over-bred and so often may exhibit certain genetic defects. A
veterinarian that is familiar with pot-bellied pigs will know
what to look out for, and a responsible breeder will not inbreed
their pigs, so do your due diligence before falling for that
little squealer.

One way to get a pot-bellied pig is to go to your local animal
shelter. All too often, pot-bellied pigs are abandoned at these
facilities because of lack of preparation and knowledge by the
owner before they bought the pig, and/or the cost of keeping even
a pot-bellied pig. If you get a pot-bellied pig from an animal
shelter it will usually already have been checked out by a
veterinarian and will be spayed or neutered.

Pigs live for quite a few years if they are properly cared for,
so getting a one year or two year old pig is not a problem, and
you may avoid some of the common training issues with piglets.

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