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Keeping more

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Before you buy a pet pig you should understand that pigs are herd
animals and a pig will never truly be comfortable being left
alone for long. Adding a second pig to your family may be the
best choice for you, especially if your pig has started slumping
into a depression because of lack of attention. There are also
other benefits to adding a second pig like behavior correction,
added warmth at night time, and companionship.

If you have already decided to add a second pig to your family
you should consider a couple of things first.

Your second pig should be roughly the same size as the pig
you already have. This will allow for fewer dominance games and
the pigs will be able to defend themselves from each other.

Another thing you should consider is the general
attitudes of the pig you have and the pig you are going to get.
If you already have an aggressive pig you need to find a pig that
isn't as aggressive but can still defend itself. If your pig is
not at all aggressive but the new pig is, there is bound to be
trouble as the new pig violates your current pet's space.

Pigs are territorial and will not easily accept another pig into
their living space. If your pig isn't very aggressive then you
should consider getting a younger pig as a second. Pigs don't
tend to pick on younger members of their herd.

Once you introduce the two pigs do not be surprised if
they do fight a bit. Usually this will result at the most in a
few scratches that can easily be treated. This is how they test
each other out and determine who is dominant. After the fight
they should accept each other. Keep in mind that you will not
want to introduce two pigs if either has tusks, or more serious
injuries may result. You should trim their tusks first before
introducing them. Occasionally the fight between the two pigs
will result in more serious injury like a ripped lip or ear.
These need to be treated by a veterinarian. You shouldn't have
much trouble introducing two pigs even of different genders,
providing that they are both neutered.

Keep in mind that you will want make the first introductions in a
place that is neutral for the both of them. You do not want to
introduce your pig and the new pig in an area that your current
pet pig considered his or her territory; this will cause a much
more serious fight because your pig has territory to defend.
NEVER introduce two pigs inside your home. You may well end up
with a lot of broken furniture and other items, not to mention
that you could be injured as well. Keep the two pigs together in
a neutral space for a couple of days before moving them back to
their pen together.

As they work out their relationship, one pig will end up being
dominant and the other submissive. This is a natural occurrence
and after the pecking order has been established you should have
no more trouble and the pigs will settle in comfortably in their
new relationship.

There are many benefits to adopting a second pig. Your
first pig will have a playmate, someone that is a buddy and can
sleep with them and keep them warm. Pigs are very social animals,
they need companionship. And if you are in a colder climate
adding a second pig would be a great benefit to your first in
that they can keep each other warm at night. Pigs normally sleep
in a pile together. This fulfills an emotional need in your pig
that can't be filled even by their human.

If your two pigs do not sleep together give them some time and
the problem may very well fix itself as the two become more used
to each other. Just be prepared to provide a second sleeping
place should it be needed until the two adjust.

Adding a second pig can also correct aggression problems if the
second pig you add is less aggressive and bigger than the first.
The second will become dominate and stop the other pig from being
so aggressive.

Pigs are curious, happy, amusing, amazing pets and they make
great pets. If you care for them properly and give them
companionship they will love you and be your best friend. You can
even teach them to perform tricks. If you give a pig what it
needs you will have a wonderful friend for a couple of decades.

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