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What happens

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Pig Dies

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When your Pet Pig goes over the Rainbow Bridge

It is heartbreaking when any pet come to the time to die. To
soften the blow and help you deal with the loss of your pet pig,
here is some care advice and help.

Read the Rainbow Bridge Poem.

The last few weeks or months of your pig's life are the most
important time that you can spend with it. How your pet
transitions between this life and moving on is up to you in many
ways. It is important to have the advice and help of your
veterinarian during this time so that you can learn to recognize
the progressive steps to death that your pig is taking.

The first thing that you should realize when your pig is going to
pass on is that you can't stop its inevitable death. Death is the
natural outcome of life. You can only make it as comfortable as
possible and ease its transition from life to death. Becoming
extremely upset over your pig's condition is not good for you or
the pig. It will sense your distress which will in turn make it
more upset, on to perpetuity.

There are some diseases and conditions that can make your pig
linger on in life but with great pain. Your veterinarian can
prescribe pain medicine to help your pig be more comfortable, but
some conditions or diseases are so painful that it would be best
if you let your veterinarian end your pig's life humanely so as
to avoid its needless suffering.

Your veterinarian can help you accept the loss that is to come
and make sure that you know that you are doing what would be best
to do for your pig. You need to decide what to do and do what is
best for your pig, not simply what feels best for yourself. In
other words, yes, you will miss your pet, but your pig has been
and is now even more totally dependent on you and your decisions
for its wellbeing. Make sure that you are not letting it suffer
unnecessarily to soothe your own feelings.

Managing your pig's pain until it passes on is a viable option,
but you will have to understand that you are going to be the main
caretaker for your pig. If you have a job or something else that
take up much of your time you should think about euthanizing your
pig. If you choose to allow your pig to die in the comfort of its
own home you must understand that death is not often clean and
sterile. It is often messy, upsetting and heartbreaking. You will
have to clean, feed and maybe even bottle-feed your pig when it
can't get up to get to the water dish anymore.

You will need to understand and emotionally let your pig go even
before it dies. Try to focus on your pig, not on your own
suffering. You will have time to grieve once your pig passes
away, but your pig doesn't have much time, you need to be there
for it and make its last days as comfortable and happy as
possible. Spend as much time as possible with your pet. These can
be some of the best memories you have with your pig or they can
be the worst, it is up to you.

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This informative web page was created by: Tippy & Alfred who very
much sympathize with you if your pet pig has passed on to that
great pasture field in the sky.