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Breeding a pig is relatively easy. You just need to let nature
take its course in most cases. Some people do breed their pet
pigs as a hobby so here are some tips that you need to keep your
pig healthy and happy while going through this stage of their

First, you will need to find a mate for your pig. Research the
gilt or sire so that you know what possible traits and
characteristics may be passed on to the piglets. If you can, have
a full work up of the two pigs you are considering breeding -
their history, health records, traits and characteristics so that
you can compare the two pigs. If you breed for certain traits and
characteristics the piglets will be healthier, make better pets,
and sell better and for more money.

Second, make sure that your female pig is ready to breed. She
should have had at least two gestational periods and be six to
eight months old.

Third, take both pigs in for a veterinarian checkup to make sure
that there aren't any health issues that should prevent the
pairing. A pre-pregnancy exam should be performed on the female
pig to make sure that she is healthy and able to produce piglets.
Both pigs should get vaccinations at this time as well to prevent
disease and so that the piglets will have a better chance of not
being infected with something before they can be similarly

Fourth, you should then start paying attention to when your
female pig cycles (come into heat) so she can be bred at the time
when she is most fertile and has the best chance of becoming
impregnated. A female pig will come into heat every three weeks
on average, and the heat only lasts two to three days. She
will become red and swollen when she is in heat and she may start
acting strangely. This is the time to put the two pigs together.
It is crucial to get the timing right in order to have piglets
when you want them.

Fifth, put both the male and female together in the same large
pen so that the two can breed. Make sure that the pen is sturdy
with solid gates and a shelter for the pigs. Make sure to watch.
Not all pigs get along and you may need to take the male out once
the deed is done in order to prevent injury to one or both of the

Watch the female. If she does not come into heat three weeks
after the breeding then most likely she is pregnant and you can
expect piglets in 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days. A young mother
should produce four to six piglets per litter. After two to three
years the litter size will diminish and there may be some
farrowing difficulties. After the sow has her piglets, be sure to
check her and the babies to be sure that the sow is producing
enough milk. You may need to supplement until the sow can build
her milk supply enough for the piglets. Feed the sow a higher
protein pig feed while she is pregnant and nursing her piglets
and be sure to have plenty of fresh water available to her. You
should check on the sow and piglets and provide plenty of room
for them to prevent overlay trauma.

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