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The Best Breeds of Pigs to keep as Pets

There are two different types of pigs that are commonly kept as
pets, the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig and the Exotic Miniature
Pigs. The Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig is by far a better choice as
a pet pig than any of the exotic miniature pigs because
Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pigs have been extensively bred to be
livestock and pets so they are further away from wild instincts
than the exotic miniature pigs.

But one reason that some people instead choose the Exotic
Miniature Pigs is because they are exotic and miniature, and so a
more unusual pet. The problem is that even if they are born into
captivity they are still far too close to their wild roots and
tend to be more aggressive and not as sustainable in a confined
area. The Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig, on the other hand, has been
bred for many generations as a companion pet - certain pigs were
selected and then bred for the specific purpose of being a
companion animal with specific traits and characteristics.

Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs

There are three main lines of the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig
found in the USA: the Con, Lea and Royal.

The Con Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig was brought into the USA via
Canada by Keith Connell. They were originally intended for the
zoos in the USA in the 1980's. Back then the breed was larger
than they are now (about 60 - 80 kg), black, and wrinkled,
especially about the face and head.

The Lea Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig was imported into the USA by
Leavitt. They have white and black markings and are gentle
natured. They are also smaller than the Con line of Pot-Bellied

The Royal Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig was imported into the USA by
Espberger. It is mostly white and larger than the Lea line of
pot-bellied pigs.

There are a few breeding lines of exotic miniature pigs that have
been especially bred as companion pigs. Below is some information
about them:

Pennywell Pocket Pigs

Developed in Devon, England, a British farmer experimented with
ordinary farm pigs and a wild miniature pig from New Zealand. The
Pennywell is named for the farm where the breeding took place.
They have been selectively bred down for six years. At birth five
of them can fit into the palm of a human hand.

The Royal Dandie/ The Royal Dandie Extreme

The Royal Dandie is being bred in the USA and is said to be
smaller than a Pennywell Pocket pig. They grow to weigh between
20 to 65 pounds and the extremes weigh from 20 to 35 pounds. The
Royal Dandie has been in development for 22 years, and can be
black, white or any variation of splotches in between. They have
been bred to be social, intelligent, affectionate and small. They
are another version of Pot-Bellied Pig, and they cost over two
thousand dollars to purchase because of their rarity.

Keep in mind that any sized pig you buy will need considerable
space and grazing area. So if you live in a small apartment with
no backyard then owning a pig, even a miniature pig, is not wise
and probably will not end well. Pigs are territorial and can
become aggressive if trapped in a small apartment for long

If you know of any other types of pet pigs that would make great
pets please send us an email.

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