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Ba Xuyen

The Ba Xuyen is a Berkshire composite that was taken to Vietnam
in 1932-1958. In Vietnam the Berkshire was crossed with the Bo
Xu, which was a cross between the Craonnais and Chinese pigs that
were brought to Vietnam in 1920 by French Planters. The Ba Xuyen
has adapted to salt water areas like the Mekong River delta of
Southern Vietnam. It has small legs and a short body with medium
size ears. It has a spotted body and coat, the black and white
being about half and half all over its body. The average litter
borne by a sow is eight piglets. The Ba Xuyen has very thick back
fat and will weigh around one hundred kilograms by the time it is
one year old.


The Banto is an African swine found in the south of Africa. It is
thought to be a descendant of pigs that were taken to Africa by
the Asian and European travelers and immigrants. It can be found
in a range of colors but is usually brown.


AKA Porcul de Banat, Basner

The Banza is found in the regions around Romania and
Transylvania. It is Black all over except for a white stripe
around its middle. In 1872 the Berkshire was crossed with a
Mangalitsa and the result was a Banza. These were avid
reproducers that quickly became popular primarily for that
reason. Later in 1900 Berk boars were imported to breed with the
Banza along with the Yorkshire and Sattelschwein to improve the
Banza breed. The Banza was recognized as a distinctive swine
breed in 1958.

These are fat swine and are of medium height and body structure.
Everything about this pig is average. It presents in colors of
black and red with a white stripe around the middle. What can be
said about this pig is that it is highly adaptable and will eat
just about anything it is given, and breeds well. So it is a good
pig for the low-income small farmer.

Beijing Black

AKA: Peking Black

The Beijing Black is a breed of swine bred for meat in China. It
is black in color but sometimes white markings can be found on
some pigs. They are a breed common in China and started in 1962
as a cross between British Large Whites, Berkshire, Dingxian,
Zhouxian and Shenxian.

Belarus Black Pied

AKA: White-Russian Black Spotted, Belorusskaya chernopestraya,
White-Russian Black Pied, Byelorussian Black Pied

The Belarus Black Pied breed originated in Belarus in the region
of Minsk. It was developed from a Large Black, Large White,
Middle White and Berkshire and is a large meat breed. It was
developed in the late 19th century through the 1920's.

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