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Use a vaporizer & Vick's

if your Rabbit

has Pneumonia

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Pneumonia is quite frequent in pet rabbits. It often follows a
period of severe stress such as overcrowding, overheating,
feed changes, or cold weather changes. Pneumonia may also
follow some diseases as a secondary infection.

Signs & Symptoms of Pneumonia in Pet Rabbits

Affected rabbits will puff, show a temperature often of two
degrees or more, go off feed, and die.

Treating Pneumonia in Pet Rabbits

Treatment with broad spectrum antibiotics will work well
if the infection is caught in time. If left to gain strength, too
much lung tissue will have been destroyed and the rabbit
cannot be saved.

Steaming with a human vaporizer and Vicks will often bring
relief to a pet rabbit with pneumonia, when used in conjunction
with antibiotics.

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