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It's very interesting to find out about the pets that many
famous people and some of the Presidents of the United
States have owned.

On this page we have selected for you a specific category
of pets that some of the U.S. Presidents have owned as pets,
that of birds.

We also have another much more complete page on pets
certain Presidents have owned by going to our Holidays page
where you will find out more about these Presidents and
the animals they have had co-habit with them while in the
White House.

John F. Kennedy
Robin, a canary
Bluebell and Marybelle, parakeets

Calvin Coolidge
Nip and Tuck, canaries
Snowflake, was also a white canary
Old Bill a thrush
Enoch was a goose

Mrs. Warren Harding
owned canaries

Theodore Roosevelt
Eli Yale a Macaw
he also owned a one legged rooster

Mrs. Grover Cleveland
owned canaries and mockingbirds

Rutherford Hayes
owned a Mockingbird

Ulysses S. Grant
a Parrot and Gamebirds

Zachary Tayler
a canary called Johnny Ty

Mrs. James Madison (Dolly)
a green Parrot

Thomas Jefferson
owned a Mockingbird

Mrs. George Washington
a Parrot

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