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Puppy Mills: Good? Bad? or Ugly?
By: Tippy & Turbo

Puppy Mills are called that because they are associated with
people exploiting dogs, specifically literally over breeding
dogs in order to birth as many puppies as possible to sell
to the pet trade.

A pair of dogs that are chosen for breeding should first
have veterinarian checkups to see if they are able to breed
and are healthy. They should have genetic tests done to see
if the genetics of the resulting puppies will not produce a
genetic defect problem like hip dysplasia, mental problems
or one of many other serious conditions. The parents should
match the standards for their breed and the two dogs should
be carefully chosen so that any genetic weaknesses in one
are offset by the good genetics of the other.

One reason that puppy mill breeding is considered to be
abuse is that people who exploit dogs in this manner almost
always do not use safe breeding practices. Most of the time
people who run puppy mills ignore these basic safety
procedures to make sure that puppies will be healthy and
just breed two dogs together of the same breed. This can
result in genetic defects, behavioral problems and mental

It is also never okay to force a female dog to breed and
produce a litter at her first heat or every possible
occasion after that, both of which are common puppy mill
actions. Not only that but most of the time the dogs are
kept caged up and conditions become unsanitary very quickly.
The dogs are more often than not poorly nourished, causing
even more birth defects and poor health to the mother dog.
In these conditions diseases become rampant and the dogs
have a high death rate.

Without proper care of the dog's teeth and coat they quickly
develop skin conditions and mats in their fur. The dog's
fall out, making good nutrition even less likely. And
improper hygiene also can encourage the growth of pests like
ticks, fleas and other skin infectious parasites.

The dogs also often do not have regular checkups from
veterinarians, leading to further disease and parasitic
infection. The name "puppy mill" is given to these types of
operations that are set up to earn the most money possible
with the puppies as a commercial product and not for the
dogs that give their lives to produce that product.

Puppy mills are illegal in most of the USA and many other
countries. They are inhumane and very dangerous to the
general population of dogs. These types of operations make
sure that genetic defects will be passed down to the next
generation of puppies, further degenerating the family

Responsible breeders usually breed just one dog breed. The
dogs are kept healthy with regular checkups from the
veterinarian and buyers of their puppies can get health
papers, immunization records, a family tree and AKC papers
from a responsible breeder. Responsible breeders care for
their dogs and it will show. If you can't see the sire or
mother of the puppy to see if they are healthy and happy
then do not buy that puppy! That way you will not be
perpetuating the "Puppy Mill".

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