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Tips for how you can Successfully Potty Train any Puppy

Puppy Potty Training

Potty training your puppy should be step one in your puppy
training schedule. Make sure your puppy knows where to go
potty. Then enforcing the rules while a puppy is still young
will go a long way toward ensuring that he retains the
information and grows into a responsible member of the

The first step to puppy potty training is deciding where you
want to teach your puppy to eliminate. The next step is
making sure that you get it to that spot at least every few
hours. The older a puppy gets the longer it can hold its
bladder or bowels, but don't stretch it to the limit and
make the puppy use its crate or box or you will undo some of
its training.

Having a crate for your puppy is also very helpful in puppy
potting training. The value of a crate is that a dog is
instinctively not likely to eliminate where it eats and
sleeps. So if you create a small den space in a crate for
your puppy the dog's instincts will tell it to hold it as
long as possible until you take it out.

As with any other type of dog training, positive
reinforcement works best. When your puppy goes where it is
supposed to or has held it while you were gone, be sure to
praise and treat it for its good behavior.

If you are not using a crate system and your puppy is still
very young you should still consider confining him in small
spaces when you are away. Create a small space and block it
off with baby gates or something similar.

This will not only keep your puppy safe when you are away it
will also keep an accidents contained. If you put down
newspaper in the area and he uses that it is much better
than itís sneaking in a closet to go and you not finding out
for a week.

If you are consistent in your training you will find your
puppy will pick up very quickly what you are expecting from
it. Puppy potting training is the first step and a very
important step to puppy training, once you master that, it
is onto leash training.

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