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There are agility competitions for many types of animals,
including Agility Competitions and Contests specially
designed for Rabbits.

Probably the most well known are the competitions for dogs,
but lovers of other types of pets also hold agility contests
for their favorite species. We know of agility contests for
dogs, cats, horses, rats, ferrets, gerbils, mice, dwarf
hamsters and more.

Popular opinion aside, rabbits can be very intelligent and
affectionate pets, and with patience can be taught many
tricks. Because they are cute, quiet, friendly, and can be
housebroken, they are becoming more and more popular as
pets, even for urban dwellers. So naturally many pet people
who keep rabbits find it great fun to enter contests with
their little friends.

Rabbit Agility competitions are similar to dog or cat
agility contests except that of course the equipment is
sized for rabbits and set very stable so as not to injure
the rabbit if it misses and hits the hurdle or other

The rabbit competitors in Rabbit Agility hop over hurdles,
over and through gates, through tunnels, across seesaws, up
and down ramps and the like, on their own with their owners
often urging them on, and the rabbit that knocked down the
least equipment and finished with the fastest time wins.

Contests should be held in a securely fenced yard or
indoors, to remove the possibility of a rabbit escaping and
being lost or injured. Different Rabbit Agility clubs use
different equipment for their competitions, and some sort
the rabbit athletes by size and offer matching sizes of
equipment for the larger and smaller breeds.

Rabbit Agility equipment is designed for the rabbits to use
their natural abilities and instincts to go over, under,
around or through obstacles.

Some of the most common pieces of equipment in
Rabbit Agility Competitions are:

* A-Frame - two panels hinged at the top to form an A-shaped

* Balance Beam - a short board laid horizontally about ten
inches off the ground, with ramps and traction pieces so
that the rabbit can walk up the ramp, across the balance
beam, and down the other ramp

* Closed Tunnel - A tunnel that has one end braced open and
the other collapsed so that the rabbit must enter the large
opening and emerge from the collapsed end

* Open Tunnel - Usually a small, short fabric or PVC tunnel

* Pause Table - a low and sturdy table that the rabbit must
jump onto and pause for a bit before going on

* Teeter Totter - a small seesaw that the rabbit must go up,
wait for the other side to descend, and then go down

* Weave Poles - dowels set in a line about eighteen inches
apart. The rabbit must weave left and right around each pole
from one end of the line to the other

* Window Jump - A vertical panel held up by sturdy feet
braces, with a hole that the rabbit must jump or climb

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