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How can I tell the Breed of my Rabbit? - Unique
Markings and Size Classes of Common Rabbit Breeds


The next way to classify your rabbit's breed is by its
markings, as there are some breeds that have very
distinctive markings and colors.

Examples of Some Uniquely Marked Rabbit Breeds

* Californian - with a white body and colored nose, ears,
tail and feet.

* Checkered Giant - white body with a colored stripe down
the backbone, colored spots on each side of the body,
colored nose, ears, eye-rings and cheek spots.

* Dutch - white front forequarters and colored back half,
with colored ears and cheeks.

* Dwarf Hotot - white body and black eye lines like the
Hotot, but smaller.

* English Spot - Coloring like the Checkered Giant but with
an added line of spots running back from its shoulders.

* Harlequin - two different colors on each side of the face
and bands of color (stripes) that go around the body width-

* Himalayan - Himalayan rabbits are marked similar to the
Siamese or Himalayan cat breed, with a white body and
colored "points." They differ from the Californian breed in
their smaller size and shorter ears.

* Hotot - white body and black eye lines.

* Rhinelander - 3 different colors, with colored nose, cheek
spots, ears, tail, eye rings, backbone stripe, and six to
eight side spots.

* Tan - two-tone body with darker color on top, light eye
rings, tan belly, chest and "V" at the nape of the neck.


It is not likely that you can determine much by your
rabbit's weight, as pet rabbits don't usually conform to
breed standard. But if your rabbit is very small or very
large, you can possibly put it into a breed weight class and
use that as one criteria of your breed search.

1. Dwarf Breeds weight two to four pounds (.9 to 1.8
kilograms). Dwarf rabbit breeds include the Netherland
Dwarf, Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, American Fuzzy Lop,
Britannia Petite, Polish, and the Dwarf Hotot.

2. Small Breeds weight in at three to five pounds (1.3 to
2.27 kilograms). The English Angora, Florida White, Havana,
Dutch, Silver and Tan, Mini Rex and Mini Lop are popular
small breeds.

3. Medium Breeds - at five to ten pounds (2.26 to 4.5
kilos), include the American Sable, Belgian Hare,
Californian, English Spot, Harlequin, Lilac, Rex,
Rhinelander, Satin Angora, Silver Martin, and Standard

4. Large Breeds normally weigh ten to twelve pounds (4.5 to
5.4 kilograms) and include the American, American
Chinchilla, Beveren, Champagne d'Argent, Cinnamon, Crème
d'Argent, French Angora, Hotot, New Zealand, Palomino,
Satin, and the Silver Fox.

5. Giant Breeds top out at over twelve pounds. Giant rabbit
breeds are the Checkered Giant, English Lop, Flemish Giant,
French Lop, Giant Angora and Giant Chinchilla.

If all of this information doesn't help your to figure out
your rabbit's breed (s) don't worry. That just means that you
have a unique as well as adorable and charming pet rabbit!

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