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Even Dispositioned

the Ragdoll Cat

is Loving and Laid Back

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The Adorable Ragdoll Cat Breed
Brought to you by: Alfred and Baby Kitty

Cats of the Ragdoll breed are easy-going and semi-
longhaired, and very large. They have beautiful blue eyes
and pointed coloring, meaning that the ears, face and tail
are all a darker color than the rest of the body. The
Ragdoll breed has been carefully bred to produce large cats
that are very affectionate. They often come in four
patterns, Colorpoint, Mitted, Van and Bicolor.

The Ragdoll takes the ideal that less is more, so there is
no really outstanding feature that makes up the Ragdoll
breed aside from its size. Male cats that have been altered
can weigh up to twenty pounds in adulthood. Females can
weigh up to fifteen pounds in adulthood. It takes a long
time for a Ragdoll to get its full growth and usually a
Ragdoll cat isn't considered to have its full length and
weight until it is four years of age.

Ragdolls tend to be rather dog-like and very intelligent.
They will use your lap as their pillow and sleep next to you
when you nap. Most Ragdolls can learn simple tricks such as
"fetch". Ragdolls, because of their extreme size, tend to
not like to jump onto high perches as do some other cats.
They prefer to play on the floor.

Ragdolls are easy to groom but they do shed with the turning
of the seasons, so during spring they will have to be
brushed more often to remove excess hair.

Ragdolls come in many different colors, including seal,
blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream. Points can be solid,
Tortie, Lynx, or Torbie (Lynx and Tortie). As you can see,
there are very many different combinations possible between
color, pattern and points. CFA accepts Bi-color and Van
patterns, Mitted and Colorpoints for showing in the full
array of color combinations.

The Colorpoint Ragdolls have pointed markings that are
classic, with no white on the cats coat. Mitted Ragdolls
have white paws in front and white paws in back with the
white coloring going up all the way around the hock, a white
belly stripe and a white chin. They can also have a star,
blaze or hourglass patch of white fur on their nose and

Bi-color Ragdolls have more white than the mitted, including
V marking on their face along with the mitted white
markings. They can even have some white splashed along their
back. Only the ears, tail and outer part of the face mask
show darker markings. In Van Ragdolls only the top of the
face mask, tail and ears and maybe a few spots on the body
have dark markings.

Ragdolls were developed in 1960 by Ann Baker, a cat breeder
in Riverside, CA. Ragdolls originated from free roaming cats
in her neighborhood. From a domestic longhair white female
and other strays she developed a breed that is now famous
for its good temperament, looks and endearing qualities.

Picture Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll Breed of Cat - Perfect for children and apartments,
must be Groomed.

Dr. Jane Bicks

The Ragdoll cat is very affectionate, calm and relaxed, large,
longhaired, loves to be petted and is happiest when not in motion.

To call a Ragdoll cat mellow is an understatement; to arouse
its interest in anything other than cat food or sleep
is an achievement.

Despite its size, it's the perfect pet for apartments.

Hair ball treatment should be given between meals two
or three times weekly.

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