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The Verminator!  Dishwasher

Spoken in an overly enthusiastic promotional voice>

Tired of hours spent slaving away at the kitchen sink or
enduring ugly dishpan hands? Annoyed at the inefficiency and
complicated use of those other dishwashers? Then this is
the product for you!

Designed by a team of world class biologists, The
Verminator! is the cutting edge in kitchen cleaning
technology. Just place your dirty dishes in the specially
designed rodent cage and within minutes The Verminator!'s
biological cleaning agents will produce sparkling clean
dishes. No need to add any of those nasty chemical
detergents and with no electricity use you'll be saving
money and the environment!

The Verminator! Dishwasher - for squeaky clean dishes!

But wait... there's more!! Buy today and you'll receive not
one, but two hungry rats! Yes, that's right... this
wonderful new product complete with two hungry rats. Double
the cleaning power -perfect for dinner parties and other
high speed cleaning applications.

And as a special to our credit card customers who phone in
the next 30 minutes, a free introductory offer of a pair of
baby mice, perfect for cleaning delicate glassware.

Yes, that's right, you get The Verminator!, not one, but two
hungry rats PLUS a pair of baby mice... everything you'll
ever want for your kitchen cleaning needs, all at this
amazingly low price!!!

Call now on 555-CleanRat, our operators are standing by.


Simple Rats

Not all rats are as intelligent as the rest. Here are some
terms for describing those less fortunate:

A few sunflowers short of a seed mix

Not the quickest rodent in the rat race

As bright as the inside of a nest box

A few whiskers short of a ratty kiss

As sharp as a dumbo's ears

The wheel's spinning, but there's no one running

Fell out of the rodent family tree

A few peas short of a good dinner

As sharp as a bag of raisins

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