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Welcome to the Thrilling World of
Rip Roaring Rodents as Pets

Keeping rodents as pets finds an ever growing number of
pet owners who find they very much enjoy their pet rodents
and find that most rodents are fairly easy to take care of.
They require little space as compared to many of the larger pets.

Members of the order Rodentia (ro-den'che-ah), commonly
known as rodents, include

multimammate mice
prairie dogs

(Although rabbits and hares have similar teeth
they are not classed as rodents but are in the order Lagomorpha.)

There are squirrel like rodents and there are mouse like rodents.

In the wild, rodents are found world wide with the exception of
Antarctica and in almost every habitat.

Here you will find one of the most comprehensive guides to rodent
care and keeping as pets on the Internet. We invite you to browse
through our library of pet rodent care, enjoy yourself and above
all, we hope that because of your visit to us, you will be better
able to take care of your pet rodent.

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This section on Rodents is brought to you by our
two pet Guinea Pigs Huey and Dewey

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