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You bet, even

Pet Rats need and

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Fun Toys for your Rat to keep him entertained for hours.

Your pet rat should have the basics such as a roomy cage,
comfy bedding, a small tissue box for a home nest, a water
bottle and a food dish. But, since rats are very intelligent,
you should also give your rats some toys to play with.

Here are some suggestions from experienced rat keepers.

1. The Exercise Wheel: Your rat needs exercise and you can
either have it tearing through the substrate and throwing it
out of the cage or you can give it a healthier and less
aggravating activity to do like run in place on a wheel. Get
the wheel called "Wodent Wheel" if you can find one.

2. Small Mammal Tubes: And you thought your cage was good
enough? You can make holes in the cage and put together see-
through tubes sold at pet stores so you can watch your rat
perform death-defying feats of gravity and stamina.

3. The Small Mammal Ball: That's right, put the little guy
in there and let him take his own tour of your pad. He'll
have a ball and so will you! And he'll be safe during his
adventures, at least if you keep him away from the stairs.

4. The Hammock: After all that exhausting exercise, who
wouldn't want to just laze about in their very own hammock?
Hang a "ferret hammock" from the top of the rat's cage and
it will lounge about and probably also do acrobatics from
its hammock.

5. Food: Rats love to eat and also love to play with their
food so give them a variety: Strawberries, peas, raisins,
avocado, etc.

6. The Dig Box: Fill up a box with soil, plants and fun
stuff for them to dig around in. Rats like to paw through

7. The Paper Towel Tunnel: You don't have to use a paper
towel cardboard roll for this. You can make a tunnel out of
just about anything that isn't toxic if swallowed.

8. Climbing Toys: If you think it would be fun to climb on
for a rat, your rat will probably agree.

9. Diving for Goodies: Fill up a pan and let your little
guys go swimming for treats or trinkets that sink to the
bottom of the pan. This is a good way to cool your rats off
in the summer.

10. The Wrestling Bag: This can be of any natural material.
Throw in some treats and let your rats forage and wrestle.

11. The Rat Palace: You could, if you are so inclined, make
an entire multi-platform and roomed palace for your rat to
climb around on and in.

12. Another Rat: This is pretty simple idea to entertain
your rat. Rats are social creatures and are best as at least
a pair.

13. You! You are the best plaything for your rat because you
provide obstacles, wrestling, petting, scratches and love.

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