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What the veterinarian

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in Pet Rabbits

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The fungal disease that pet rabbits get called Ringworm

Ringworm in pet rabbits is not a worm, nor is the condition
caused by a worm. It is caused by a fungus.

Signs and Symptoms of Ringworm in Pet Rabbits

The disease gets it's name from the round, bald, or crusty
areas it causes on the rabbit's skin. It can be highly contagious,
causing serious damages to the rabbits.

Treating Ringworm in Pet Rabbits

Immediately isolate or even destroy the infected rabbit.
Never attempt treatment without wearing latex gloves. Not
only is ringworm easily spread to other rabbits, but some species
of fungus isolated from rabbits are contagious to humans.

A veterinarians advice is the wisest course of action for the
home rabbit keeper. The veterinarian will most likely recommend
an antifungal drug. When applying the drug, clip the hair
around the lesion very short. When applying the medicine,
work from the outside of the affected area towards the center,
working from the center out, may cause the infection to spread

Weather permitting, move the cage outside into a sunny area
as sunshine will often aid in getting rid of the infection,
however be certain the rabbit is not in direct sunlight during the hot
summer days and could get over heated.

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