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Congestive Heart Failure

in Pet Rodents:

Prevention is the key

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Some pretty good ideas to try and prevent
Congestive Heart Failure in Rodents

Congestive heart failure in rodents occurs when the heart is unable to
pump enough blood, causing the blood to back up and congest
in the lungs, liver, limbs and abdomen.

Symptoms of congestive heart failure in your pet rat may

* excessive sleeping and seeming disinterest in play,

* Weakness in its hind limbs,

* Chronic cough or wheezing,

* Problems breathing that don't seem to be caused by
respiratory infection

* Little or no appetite,

* Cool and pale ears, feet and tail

* Scant urine, and what urine there is may be very dark or
very light

Heart failure in rats can't be cured, but it is possible to
make the rat more comfortable. Consult with your
veterinarian, of course, and do what he or she suggests.

Meanwhile, below are some things you can try yourself to
help your pet:

1. Put your pet on a low salt diet to help lessen water
retention, which further stresses the heart.

2. Put the rat in a cage that is all on one level and
without cage mates that stress it.

3. Make sure it can easily reach its food and water without
strain, and keep plenty of good healthy food and fresh water

4. Watch the rat for sudden weight gain, which indicates
that it is retain water. If you see this, consult with your
vet about possible medications and treatments.

5. Some nutritional changes that have been known to help

a. Omega 3 fish oil supplements (twenty-five milligrams per

b. Co-enzyme Q10 (ten to thirty milligrams per day)

c. L-Carnitine (twenty-five milligrams per day)

d. Taurine (fifty milligrams per day)

e. A pinch of turmeric added to daily food. Studies have
shown that turmeric can have an amazing healing effect on
the heart.

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