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Please tell me Alfred,

what would be a Safe

litter for my Kitten?

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Safe Cat Litter for Kittens
By: Alfred

Although there has been no documented proof that clay cat
litter is actually harmful to your kitten or cat there has
been some suspicious cases reported by owners and you need
to be aware for the safety of your cat, especially if it is
a kitten.

Kittens are more oral than adult cats and will eat or taste
just about anything that they can get in their mouth. It is
a natural part of growing from the mother cat's teat to
teething. They will bite, chew, and swallow if they can get
a little in their mouths, including cat litter or anything

Clay cat litter is said to cause gut impaction in kittens
over time, especially with the clay clumping litter that
will clump together in the gut. Also when inhaled clay
particles can get into the lungs and harden, making the
kitten sneeze, cough, or wheeze to get it out. If it isn't
gotten out it can cause a respiratory infection or even
cancer over time.

There are alternatives to clay cat litter, such as
crystal/sand cat litter. Crystal cat litter is made from
either sand or sand mixed with other ingredients. Although
it isn't dust free it doesn't seem to have any cases against
it for causing respiratory infection. Also when eaten sand
passes through the gut with relative ease. However you
should be aware that crystal/sand cat litter does have
ingredients added to it for deodorizing and making it more
absorbent of urine that can be harmful to your kitten.

There are cat litters that are natural, made from wood
shavings, wood pellets or recycled paper. Wood and paper are
safer than clay or sand/crystal cat litter, but still not

By far the safest way to protect your kitten from harm from
its cat litter is to buy all natural cat litter made from
something that can be eaten. They now make cat litter that
is made from corn cobs or grains that are perfectly safe and
digestible for the kitten. Although you don't want to
encourage the behavior of your kitten eating cat litter you
do want the litter to be safe and edible should the kitten
eat it without your knowledge.

Once your kitten is litter trained and gets past the oral
stage of eating or teething on things you can then change
the cat litter to some regular clay cat litter if you wish.
But for the early years be sure to protect your kitten so
that it develops into a healthy pet you will have for a long

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