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The Saluki Breed

of Dog: Independent

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Saluki - Being the Royal Dog of Egypt
By: Tippy

Salukis are a breed that is somewhat aloof, even tempered,
extremely devoted to its master, gentle and friendly. This
dog can become very attached to one person. When a child is
properly taught how to act around a dog the Saluki is good
around that child. This dog breed is sensitive and needs
calm, gentle, firm, consistent training rather than discipline.

These dogs tend towards submissiveness around both humans
and other dogs. The Saluki often gets distracted and needs
its owner to keep it on track. The Saluki is a calm and
pleasant companion and makes a good watchdog. They are not
normally aggressive to humans, but will chase and kill
smaller animals.

The Saluki has a deep rooted hunting instinct that needs
obedience training in order to keep it under control. This
instinct will never be trained out of this breed so it is
best not to keep non-canine pets or if you do, be very
cautious and protective of these animals and do not allow
the Saluki near them. They can get along with the family cat
if it is made clear that the cat is dominant to the dog.

The Saluki reaches twenty-three to twenty-eight inches in
height and weighs between thirty-nine and sixty-six pounds.
These measurements are for both male and female. Salukis
live an average of ten to twelve years. Some Saluki lines
are susceptible to cancer and genetic eye disease and all
can get sunburned, especially on the nose.

The Saluki isn't recommended for apartment living. They do
best on property with acreage for them to run around on.
They are inactive indoors and these dogs should sleep
indoors. They were bred in the desert and prefer warm
climates to cold climates.

The Saluki is very energetic dog that needs a great deal of
exercise including a daily walk, run or jog. They are
happiest when they are running but many have been lost or
killed when allowed to run free, especially if they spot a
small animal and give chase.

Dogs of this breed are very independent and shouldn't ever
be let off the lead unless they are in a safe, secure fenced
area, because once they see a small animal they will give
chase and likely have no consideration for their owner's
calling. In some countries they are not allowed off the
leash at all.

The Saluki can run up to forty miles per hour! They appear
so fast that their feet seem to barely touch the ground.
They are usually sprinters even though they have excellent
endurance. A good way to exercise your Saluki is to have it
jog alongside your bicycle.

The Saluki is very easy to groom and is odor free. An
occasional brushing or combing, especially on the longer
haired parts of the dog, is all that is needed. The ears
should be checked and cleaned regularly with a damp clean
cloth. The Saluki is an average shedder.

Picture of Saluki

Feed a Saluki a Professional Dog Food
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Saluki was the royal dog of Egypt and is perhaps
the oldest known breed of domesticated dog.

With muscles made for tremendous speed and a
strong constitution, this elegant dog needs no

To ensure an elegant coat, an alternative professional
food should be fed. (See my recommendations below)

Since daily antioxidants are life extenders, 
supplements can be started after the age of 2, or 
the addition of wheat, oat, or barley grass
can begin with puppy food.

Salukis will Totally Thrive on this Food

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