Santa Claus's Horses Decorated for Christmas

Many good folks don't realize that Santa and Mrs. Claus
have horses at the North Pole which they like to use
to pull their own personal sleigh around. Santa
and the Mrs. enjoy riding around the hills at
the North Pole in the sleigh pulled by the horses
when they just want to relax from a hard day of
toy making and baking cookies.

The sleigh that is pulled by the horses is quite a
bit different from the one that Santa uses to deliver toys
with. It is much smaller and doesn't have a very big
cargo area. There is enough room for the Santa and
his Mrs. and a back seat in case some of the elves
want to tag along. Still this sleigh has an automatic
hot chocolate dispenser and a warmer to keep Santa's
Christmas cookies warm.

While there are no reports that the horses at the
North Pole can fly like Santa's reindeer, they still
enjoy decorating themselves for the Christmas season.

The horses do stay in the same stable as the reindeer
and even occasionally make fun of Rudolph the Red Nosed
shiny nose, but it's all in good fun and
the horses and reindeer actually get along really well.

The horses at the North Pole get decorated for Christmas

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