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How to put your Horse for Sale Online
Stacey Christiansen

Whether you're a small operation with one horse for sale,
or you have a barn full of ‘horse for sale' signs, you can
take advantage of the limitless audience of the internet to
get your horses in front of prospective buyers. There are
two ways to advertise your horse online: using someone
else's web site or using your own. The advantages and
disadvantages of each option or outlined below to help you
choose the option that will best fit your needs.

The fastest, easiest way to get your horse online is to use
a one of the many equine sites that offer free or paid
horse for sale listings. The advantages to using an
existing equine site are:

• Popular sites already have a lot of buyers visiting every day.
• It's fast, easy and relatively inexpensive.

The disadvantages are:

• You have no control on marketing your horse.
• There are 1000's of horses for sale that buyers must
search through to find your ad.

Another way to get your horse for sale online is to create
your own web site. If you have multiple horses for sale
every year, this is the way to go. The advantages to having
your own web site are:

• Total control of the layout, content and marketing of
your horse.
• Only your horses are listed on the site so you're not
competing with other breeders.

The disadvantages to creating your own web site are:

• It takes a little longer to get it set up and get visitors.
• It can be more expensive if you only have 1 or 2 horses
to sell.

Regardless of which method you use to sell your horses,
they are key ingredients that should be included in every
horse for sale ad. They are:

• The horse's name, parentage, and registration information.
• Pictures and/or videos of the horse.
• Description of the horse's personality, habits, and
overall health.
• Status of worming, vaccinations and hoof care.
• Description of any training the horse has had.
• Description of shows, events or activities the horse has
participated in.
• The price.
• Contact information: email address (a must!), phone
number, web site address, farm address.

Horse buyers are using the internet every day. Other
benefits of advertising your horse sale online include:
additional exposure for your farm, stable or breeding
business; you'll meet new friends and potential partners
who share your passion for horses; and the internet gives
you the ability to expand your market outside your local
area. Take advantage of that audience and put your horse
for sale online.

Stacey Christiansen has been working in the internet
industry for over 10 years. Her web site,  , offers everything horse
sellers need to get online, and provides articles and
resources from training tips to technical help about
setting up your own website. Mrs. Christiansen lives on a
farm in Iowa with her husband and 8 horses.

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