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Peppy Pets
Sept. 08, 03

The Best Cats Ever: Gizmo Moo Cow Cat & Muffie

Yes, we tell our pets "I Love You". We have two cats, Gizmo
Moo Cow Cat (black and white male) and Muffie (Siamese).
Gizmo is about 9 years old and Muffie is about a year old.
Gizmo is a "computer cat" who comes running to be on my lap
when I am at the computer. Sometimes he even lays his paw on
my hand as I type or use the mouse! Muffie goes in or out
whenever the door is opened. She will go out the front door
and go around and want in the back door! 

She will sit on the cooler outside the window and meow to
come in. We tell her to go to the back door and she does.
Both cats greet us when we come home. They both sleep on the
bed with us, usually at the bottom, but first they have to
cuddle and purr and give us lots of loving. Then they settle
down to sleep. When its time to get up and eat (early
morning, of course) Gizmo will start purring (you can hear
him across the room!) and nuzzling until we get up and feed
them! They both will go from room to room with us and keep
us company while we do stuff. We talk to them a lot and we
can see their ears perked up and turned towards whoever is
listening. They come when they are called. 

Gizmo figured out how to do real somersaults to get rewarded
by food! Gizmo loves spicy or green chile,
ginger, curry, etc. and expects you to share your cereal
milk. Muffie loves milk, cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese
and expects you to share. They both like to play with toy
mice and throw around rubber bands.

We think we have the best cats ever!
Betty King


I live with Scritch The Queen Cat who protects the boundaries
of the property from other furry critters.

I also live with about 100 hamsters. My favorites are
Pooh...he is cream colored short hair, and Brownie, normal
brown color female teddy bear (very large) with long fur. She
is an escape artist. She spent three days loose in the
cellar. She was POed when I trapped her in an aquarium. The
funniest event was the day I was walking across the cellar
floor from the dryer with dry clothes in my arms when I
looked down to see a bi-colored hamster with its mouth and
pouches filled with pine shavings and cotton fluff bedding
material. I had not know I had one loose. She was dead
still.... we stared at each other for a few moments then I
leaped to grab her as she jumped in the air landed
running.... It took several days to catch her.

I also have 4 parakeets and three tiels... each with
their own personality..... Samual J. Bird (blue parakeet)
has quite the personality.... I have to be careful who
shares her home. She/he was caught holding Tweety Bird by
the wing feathers leaving Tweety to hang down in the cage
very upset.

Then there is my husband, Steve, Who is not as much an
animal person as I. He is also very sick. His Kidneys failed
in Feb due to uncontrolled Diabetes.

I also have a litter mate to Scritch.... My son Tommy. He is
14 and knows how to play effectively with Scritch. It is
very amusing to watch them play.

Gotta Go... getting ready to go to dialysis.
Syldra LaPorte

Jasmine and Cuddles

Hi Dave, Alfred and Tippy:

Got your message, little behind in checking email. My dogs
name is Abbie, she is a mix of German Shepherd and Blue
Healer. She's about 24 lbs. and is two years old.

I consider her a lucky puppy as most of her litter mates
were poisoned by some people throwing rotten garbage from a
dumpster into the yard where the puppies lived. We had her
already by then. Didn't feel ready for another dog when we
got her but I think it must have been her and our
destiny....ha ha. She is very smart and loveable. She likes
to lick a lot which I think is because she feels submissive
around people. She was always a little timid when a puppy.

Before we moved to where we are now, we had to keep her tied
up outside, but now she has a big yard to run and play. One
of my favorite things to do was watch her run, she is fast
and beautiful to watch. She likes to run through water.
She is a good dog and a comfort at times. Minds pretty
good, but if she gets out the door, watch out, she runs. I
think she thinks she is a human, as lately she has been
vocalizing to us....ha ha....its funny. I love her.

I know you wanted just her name but thought I'd add a little
more. I'm flattered you want to print what I wrote.
Thank you..................Cheryl

I have a Cat named Charlie, and I always tell him I love
him. He's all black except he has two blotches of white on
his belly. And he has yellow eyes. He's a wonderful cat, and he's
my buddy.
Sincerely, Anita Alkema

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