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Peppy Pets
Sept. 12, 03

The tale of how Deebo my Great Dane Saved my Life

This story is not  a very happy one, but it shows the true love
and bond a dog and his owner can have.

I was going through a terrible break-up in my life and was not
taking it well. I went into a depression that lasted for weeks.
I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I didn't go to work, all I could
do was lay in my bed. I would feed and water my Great Dane,
Deebo, and let him out but that was the extent of what I could do.

This dog never left my side for a minute. He laid with me, day
and night and watched over me, as if he knew that their was a
big problem and he needed to be close.

Well it got to a point where I couldn't take the pain of living
anymore and I took a large overdose of pills. I kissed my Deebo
goodbye and left a note for my parents to take good care of him
(they loved him and I knew they would).

As the pills started to take effect, Deebo began to get very
agitated, he laid on my chest, something he has never done,
and he started to scratch at my face every time I started to fade
out. During the midst of this a knock came at the door, which
I had locked so no one could get in.

Deebo barked and howled and scratched, I was told, at the door,
he tore the curtains down, he acted so strangely that my mother
knew something was not right, as he is a very well-behaved dog
and would never destroy anything. When she got in the house
he grabbed her by the arm and led her to my room, where
she found me, and immediately called 911 for assistance.

Well I am fine now (not looking for sympathy) but I owe
my life to my beautiful, intelligent, and soooo loving dog Deebo.

He knew how much I loved and love him and always took good
care of him and I think this was his way of paying me back. He
is now 5 1/2yrs old and I thank God in heaven every day that
he blessed me with this wonderfully intelligent and loving
animal. I hope I can repay him someday for saving my life.

He is a Hero, to me and my family. Thanks for letting me share
this story, no one can tell me Dogs don't Love,
Cause Mine Sure Loves Me!!!
Sent in by: Melissa Tressler


How To Name A Dog

t may be surprising, but more than half (50%) of all Pet Names
are either human names or nicknames. People largely name their
animals as they would name themselves.

Another fifth (20%) of names are based on the Pets appearance or
personality. A black cat becomes Blacky or Midnight, and active
dog Comet or Dash.

We've put up a special web page for you with tips on
how to name a puppy or dog, plus the top 20 dog names,
plus a list of 1,000 canine names.

How to Name Your Puppy Here


I tell my pets "I love them" every day. I have 3 cats of my
own (Slyvester, Mika, and Aspen) as well as 6 that I foster
for a local animal shelter. Their names are Lovey, Chloe,
Hunter, Anja, Kiera, and Luukus. All my cats, even my
fosters, give me love and joy everyday. I love fostering and
they give me love in return. I enjoy your newsletter, and
have learned many new things. 

Penny Kolacki


Of course I tell my pet that I love him--at least six times
a day. And while I tell him how much I love him, how
beautiful he is, and how much he means to me, I stroke and
massage him, which makes him so happy that I get a symphony
of purrs, trills, head-butts, and nuzzles.

My pet is an 18-month-old shaded gray tabby Maine Coon tom
named Shanti Shaggybuns. Shanti for short. He is lord of the
house and spoiled, of course. All he has to do is to nuzzle
me and give me one of those loving looks with his beautiful
amber and green eyes, and I melt!

Jane Illinger

Shanti Shaggybuns

Yes, I have 3 dogs & I tell them all I love them & get
kisses from them. I have a Lab mix, Spaniel & a small
mixed.. he's the real momma's boy, but lets the other
2 know he's the boss !

Brenda Figueroa


I tell all my pets I LOVE YOU several times each and every
day. I cuddle them, kiss them, spoil them all rotten ( we
are talking 8 dogs and -- at the moment -- 16 cats, 2 of
whom are pregnant!!!! ) I am my Town's animal control
officer, and I treat the temporary residents almost as well
as my own Almost as spoiled!!!!

** Rosa **

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