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The SoBe Lizard

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SoBe Company

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Lizards, such as the SoBe Lizard, have garnered quite a
following when attached to certain companies.

One such company is the SoBe company that develops fruit
flavored natural drinks fortified with vitamins and herbs.
The SoBe company's logo (The SoBe Lizard), became very
successful over the past decade or so for its fun sayings
found underneath the cap of every SoBe drink.

Sayings like:

A Fist Full Of Lizards
As Seen On TV
Carve This
Drain the Lizard
Full Metal Lizard
Ginseng - A root that Helps Increase Stamina
Good Lizard Hunting

Have Lizard Will Travel
Have You Hugged A Lizard Today?
I Love the Smell of Lizards in the Morning
It's SoBe Time!
It's Still In the Crate
I Want To Hold Your Lizard
Light My Lizard

Lizard Gear ( 1.800.588.0548)
Lizard King
Lizard Last Longer
Lizard Lightning
Lizard Lips
Lizard Lounge
Lizards Love Tacos
Lizard Zen

Mighty Tasty
Mind, Body, Lizard.
Mounties Eat Lizards, Eh?
Mr. Green
Pinball Lizard

Saving Private Lizard
Seize This Honkus
SoBe Healthy Refreshment &tm
SoBe Wan Kenobe

Team Lizard
The Few, the Proud, the Lizards.
The Full Lizard
The Good, the Bad, the Lizards.
These Lizards Are For You
We Are Huge
We Came, We Saw, We Drained.
Why Gum A Gumby When You Can Lick A Lizard?
You Can't Handle the Lizard

The SoBe Company (The South Beach Beverage Company)

This was one of the first companies to make drinking healthy
drinks cool. They succeeded in part because of the general
push now to eat and drink healthier and also because of
their brilliant marketing campaigns targeted mostly towards
young adults.

SoBe was started in 1996 by four partners who were
interested in a healthier way to live. The first product was
"SoBe Black Tea 3G with Ginseng, Ginkgo and Guarana." Due to
the overwhelmingly positive response, soon thereafter "SoBe
Green Tea," "SoBe Oolong Tea," "SoBe Orange Carrot Elixir,"
"SoBe Cranberry Grapefruit Elixir" and "SoBe Energy" were
introduced. These were the first products and they started
the SoBe healthy refreshment revolution. They now serve as
the foundation for future development of drink lines.

Since then SoBe has added the exotic teas and fruit blends:
(SoBe Black Tea 3G, SoBe Dragon, SoBe Green Tea 3G, SoBe
Nirvana, SoBe Oolong Tea 3G, SoBe Zen Tea 3G), the Power
line: (SoBe Courage, SoBe Energy, SoBe Fuerte, SoBe Power),
SoBe Elixirs 3C: (SoBe Elixir 3C Pomegranate Cranberry, SoBe
Elixir 3C Cranberry- Grapefruit, SoBe Elixir 3C Orange
Carrot, SoBe Elixir 3C White Concord Grape), the Lizard
Line: (SoBe Black & Blue Berry Brew, Liz Blizz, Lizard Fuel,
Lizard Lava, Lizard Lightning, SoBe Tsunami), SoBe Lean:
(SoBe Lean Diet Cranberry Grapefruit, SoBe Lean Diet Energy,
SoBe Lean Diet Green Tea, SoBe Lean Diet Mango Melon, SoBe
Lean Diet Peach Tea), SoBe Adrenaline Rush: (SoBe Adrenaline
Rush, SoBe Adrenaline Rush 16oz, Sugar Free SoBe Adrenaline
Rush), SoBe No Fear: (SoBe No Fear, Sugar Free SoBeŽ No
Fear, SoBe No Fear Gold), SoBe Synergy: (SoBe Synergy Fruit,
SoBe Synergy Grape, SoBe Synergy Kiwi, SoBe Synergy
Lemonade, SoBe Synergy Mango), SoBe Essential Energy: (SoBe
Essential Energy - Berry Pomegranate, SoBe Essential Energy
- Orange), and SoBe LifeWater: (SoBe Lifewater - Blackberry
Grape, SoBe Lifewater - Pomegranate Cherry, SoBe Lifewater -
Orange Tangerine, SoBe Lifewater - Strawberry Kiwi, SoBe
Lifewater - Passion fruit Citrus).

Needless to say this phenomenon not only has made the four
partners who started this line of healthy energy drinks a
very nice profit, as they are now partners with distributor
Pepsi Cola Company, but it doesn't seem to have an end in
sight. They are even going international with their product.
SoBe, an anagram for South Beach Beverage Company, will see
the world and make a lot of people happier and healthier
while they are at it. And the Lizard will gain more and more
fans around the world.

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