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Armadillos - Fit

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Stuffed Armadillos you'll Flip your wig over

Two Exceptionally Cool Stuffed Plush Armadillos are
just sitting here waiting for you to come take a look
at them and hope you will take them and give them a good home!

Plush stuffed Armadillo toy animals
made just for you.

These cuddly stuffed Armadillos will make a
brilliant idea for a snappy gift item for that
special person in your life, for children, and for all
Armadillo & animal lovers across the world.

Unbelievably Soft as can be.


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What do you know about Armadillos?

There are several varieties of armadillos roaming the
planet, they are the Large hairy armadillo, the Nine banded
armadillo, the Pichi, the Northern naked tail armadillo and
the Giant armadillo.

Armadillos are related to sloths and anteaters, and we
have some pretty cool info about them on our
stuffed anteater and stuffed sloth pages.

Most people are not aware that there is another mammal
that is closely related to all three, and that is the
weird looking Pangolin. They are similar in shape to
the armadillo and are covered in scales and have long tongues
like the anteater which the insects get stuck to, then
muscles in the stomach chew the food. The Chinese Pangolin
lives in of course China and the Ground Pangolin lives
in parts of Africa.

Giant armadillos are the largest of the armadillos getting
up to 39 or 40 inches in length and weighing up to almost
70 pounds. Giant armadillos have about 11 to 13 flexible plates
on their back and another 3 to 4 covering their neck.
They are found in north and central South America.

The Northern naked tailed armadillo is found in Central
America and the very northern tip of South America.
The Pichi is found in the very southern tip of South
America. The Large hairy armadillo is found in a broader
range of southern South America and the Nine banded
armadillo is found as far north as Texas and from there
all the way to southern South America.

Anteaters and sloths are insect eaters while the armadillo
eats insects, worms, spiders, small snakes, and small

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