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Two Toed and Three Toed Sloths - Tip Toeing through the Tulips

Sloths are related to armadillos and anteaters.
While the armadillo and anteater eat insects, the
sloths eat leaves, tender tree shoots and fruit.
They are all 3 in the family called xenarthrans
which you can find out more about on our stuffed anteater
page. Also look at our stuffed armadillo page.

Southern two toed sloths live in the northern part of
South America. They have 2 hook clawed toes on each front
foot and 3 in their rear feet. They live in trees for
their entire existence, only coming to the ground to
use the bathroom. They are very slow animals.

Sourthern two toed sloths are about 18 to 34 inches long
and weigh from 8 to 19 pounds.

The Maned three toed sloth lives in a very small
region on the east coast of South America in Brazil.
They are smaller than their cousins only reaching a
length of 20 inches and weight of 8 1/2 pounds.

The Maned three toed sloth is the one in the picture
shown above. Their arms are very strong and they too
live most of their lives in trees. On the ground they
are very slow, but they are surprisingly pretty good

Sloths have a real problem when loggers come into the
forest. They are too slow to get away and many have
been killed when the trees are cut down with them in
them. Conservationists try very hard to get into the
forest before the logging operations move in and
capture the sloths, then take them to a safe area
of the forest or a different location.

One unique thing about sloths is that they have a very
slow metabolism. They only do their business about once
a week and their body temperature is around 86 degrees.

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