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Darling Stuffed Plush

Beagle Puppy Dogs

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This so very Adorable and Exceptionally Cute
Stuffed Plush Beagle puppy dog is without a doubt,
the Sweetest Pup around.

Stuffed Plush Beagle puppy dog wants to be with you

With it's Alluring Eyes and Endearing Smile this
stuffed plush Beagle will Definitely Warm your Heart
and add an Abundance of Cheer into your life.

If you're looking for that Dream Buy, then we cannot imagine
that anything else would do as well. What a Wonderful Delight
this Stuffed Beagle toy animal is to have. So Playful and
full of Good Will, you will soon find that this stuffed
Beagle Dog will create a Loving and Happy atmosphere around
your home.

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Is a Beagle the dog for you?

The Beagle is a curious, lively, gentle sweet dog that loves
to everybody. They are the epitome of the happy little tail-
wagger. Beagles are brave, intelligent and sociable dogs.
They also have a serious side when at rest with their
masters and are calm and loving during these periods.

The Beagle breed is great with children and in general good
with other dogs. But with small animals that are not dogs
they shouldn't necessarily be trusted unless they grew up
with them. This is because this dog has a very strong
hunting instinct.

Beagles require firm, patient training as they have a mind
of their own and will challenge your authority regularly. It
is important that you establish yourself as the leader of
the pack or this dog will never respect you.

Beagles require daily walks with physical and mental
exercise thrown into the mix, otherwise, like other
intelligent dogs that were bred to work, they can develop
bad behavioral problems. One of the favorite games of the
Beagle breed is the tracking game where you can use some
animal scents on a favorite toy and lay a trail for it to
find the toy.

When dogs know their place in the pack they are much more
secure and are much less likely to develop behavioral
problems. In particular this breed if not trained properly
and given leadership can develop bad behaviors including
biting, guarding, obsessive barking, snapping and other
destructive behaviors.

Your Beagle should never be allowed off the leash when being
walked. They have a tendency to follow their noses to all
exclusion and may not heed their master's call to come back.
This is because they have such strong hunting instincts that
they will literally get carried away by a scent.

This dog does well in a home with a yard or on a farm.
Beagles, although they are small, do not make good apartment
dwellers. This is because they are very noisy and may
disturb your neighbors. It is best that if you are going to
choose a Beagle as a pet to have a home a distance away from
your neighbors.

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