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Stuffed Plush

Bengal Tigers

that are Extraordinary

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These Colorful Stuffed Plush Bengal Tigers
have the Classic Bengal Tiger markings with their
Lovely stripes and orange under color.

Amazing Stuffed Plush
Bengal Tiger toy animals

are definitely the Big Cat's Meow!

Charmingly Soft plush stuffed Bengal Tigers
any person will love to Snuggle up with or
just have sitting on their bed or in their den.

Celebrate this Majestic breed of animal with your
very own Stuffed Plush Bengal Tiger

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All decked out in their bright fur, these Stuffed Bengal Tigers
are dressed to the nines showing off for you to definitely
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Beautiful Bengal Tiger & animal Calendars

Bengal Tigers are the most common of the Tiger
sub species. When most people think of a tiger's
stripes and colors, they think of the classic
coloring and marking of the Bengal Tiger.

Tiger stripes can range from brown to jet black
and vary in size and number from tiger to tiger.
Bengal tigers have the deep orange coat with
white underneath, white cheeks and white eye areas.

Bengal Tigers are not quite as big as their cousins,
the Siberian Tigers. Bengal Tigers are powerful
and have been know to kill animals as large as a
water buffalo

Did you ever wonder why tigers have stripes?

Tigers and big and heavy animals which is a hindrance
when they get hungry and want to chase down their
dinner. Tigers often hunt in long grass. The sun
shining on the grass blades makes long, thin shadows
that are the same shape as a tiger's stripes. When
tigers lie down in the grass, their dark strips and
orange to brown color blend with the grasses and
shadows, thus allowing tigers to get much closer
to their prey.

Contrary to most of the cat family, tigers like for
the most part to get in water. Tigers live in hot
climates and getting in water helps cool them
down. Tigers are very good swimmers and if they
believe food is good, they will swim miles to get
there if needed.

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