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Stuffed Black Bears

that are Sweeter

than Clover Honey

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You will find these stuffed Black Bears to be
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Plush Stuffed Black Bears

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These Comical and Entertaining stuffed Black Bear toy animals
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American Black Bears are rather small bears ranging in
weight from 200 to 500 pounds when full grown. They
are the smallest of the North American bear family.
Grizzly bears are about twice the weight of a black bear.
You can find out more cool stuff about grizzly bears
on our stuffed grizzly bear page.

Black bears are found anywhere from Alaska to central Mexico,
they have a wide range of territory.

Not all black bears are black in color. Some black bears
are brown or cinnamon, some have grayish blue fur, and
some are even a white color.

Black bears like to eat and they eat just about anything
they can get their paws on. They eat as much as possible
during the summer and fall, then like other bears,
they hibernate during the winter and live off the fat
stored in their bodies.

During hibernation a black bear will still breathe
about 4 or 5 times a minute and it's body temperature
remains pretty constant.

Black bear cubs are born in late January or early
February. The momma bear has two cubs most of the time
although some have had three or four, but this is not
the norm. Baby black bear cubs are born with their
eyes closed, naked, are about 9 inches long and weigh
about 1 pound.

Momma will take care of the baby bears for a couple of
months, then in the warmer late spring will bring them
out of the den so they can begin their training on how
to survive in the wild. The baby bear cubs will stay
with their mother fro about 1 1/2 years until they are
close to being full grown.

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